Bradford White Aero Series Water Heater Review

Bradford White has been providing water heating, combination heating, storage tanks and more since been doing business since 1881. Bradford White Aero Series Water HeaterThe company’s main goal is to be the manufacturer of choice in the wholesale market. Bradford White has an impressive inventory of water heaters in the industry today. These water heaters are energy efficient and cost effective right from the start.

One of these water heaters is the Aero Series, these are Oil Powered Water Heaters and they are available in 5 different models. The ranges on the Aero Series Energy Saver Water Heater are 32 gallons to 50 gallons. These water heaters have the capacity to oil heat the water 3 to 4 times faster than typical oil fired water heaters. The Aero Series Water Heater has a sleek and compact design that can be installed in any size basement; also with the Bradford White Aero Series you do not need a separate oil storage tank.

The Bradford White Aero Series Water Heaters are designed for residential home applications. These water heaters are high efficiency and they are protected with a 1 inch Non CFC Foam Insulation which surrounds the tank, this insulation will prevent heat loss when the water heater is on standby. The foam insulation also contributes to the energy efficiency of the unit so in turn it contributes to the cost effectiveness of the water heater.

The Bradford White Aero Series comes fabricated with flexible stainless steel flue baffles. The idea is that the baffles will help increase the heat that is absorbed by the storage tank. It will also reduce any heat loss that may be able to escape. The Aero Energy Saver Water Heater comes with a factory installed Control System; this is a dual control immersion aquastat that is installed with the burner. These controls are easy to read and easy to operate. You can control the efficiency of your own water heater.

The Aero Water Heater comes with the trademarked Hydro Jet Total Performance System. This system prevents any sediment build up in the tank and in turn this will prolong the life of the water heater. The water connection on the Aero Series is a standard ¾ inch NPT. There is also a Ceramic Fiber Combustion Chamber that is used to help direct the flame to a smaller but hotter fire and this will result in a faster and more efficient heat transfer.

The storage tanks are made from a heavy gauge stainless steel. Bradford White is offering a 6 year Limited Tank Warranty with a 2 Year Limited warranty on parts and the Burner. The Burner is the Beckett Burner; these burners will work up to % of Bio Fuel which is compatible with water heaters. If you would prefer you can choose either a Carlin or Riello Burner.
Now is the time to replace that old water heater with a new and more energy efficient water heater. Bradford White Water Heaters are a safe and reliable way to heat your hot water when you need it and at the same time save you money. Contact your local Bradford White Water Heater Sales Representatives for more information.

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