Buderus Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler

Buderus began way back in 1731, since then they have been developing new and exciting heating technologies to benefit the residential as well as the commercial industry. Buderus Logano G315 Oil Conventional BoilerThis family owned company has prided themselves on innovative products, energy efficient products and cost effective boilers. They create products based on the heating applications needed. Buderus Boilers has a reputation all over the world as being a recognized leader in the home and commercial heating industry. Some of the categories in their inventory include Gas Heating, Oil Heating, Wood Heating, Solar Energy, Storage Tanks, Radiant Heat Products and Controls.

The Logano Series of Oil Conventional Boilers includes some of the highest quality and highest performance boilers in the industry. One of these boilers is the Buderus Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler. This boiler’s sections are put together with slanting, surface profiled push nipples that offer protection against water leaking while the boiler is on standby. There are some impressive points that Buderus offers as to why the Buderus Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler is the boiler of choice.

For example, the Buderus Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler has an Ecostream low temperature boiler that can be used on either a gas combustion or oil combustion system with a modulating boiler water temperature control without a minimum requiring low temperature. The design of the Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler contains the Thermostream Technology that utilizes a reliable boiler operation without a shunt pump and return temperature controls.

The Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler from Buderus provides easy handling through the delivery of the boiler block in sections. As we mentioned this boiler system can be used with either gas or oil. There is a water cooled combustion chamber that contains low combustion loading and a hot gas routing through the three pass system. The unit versions are equipped with pressure jet oil and a gas burner that is matched to the boiler system for a clean burning combustion. The AFUE on these boilers is 88%.

Buderus offers some advantages of installing the Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler. The boiler flue ways are fabricated to be gas tight with a tongue and groove section creation as well as an elastic high temperature resistant sealing rope. This feature will maximize the energy efficiency of the boiler system. There is also a permanent dry door gasket that provides repeated positive sealing of the full swing door that protects the burner. Since the flue gases cannot get out through the seams in the boiler sections, these boilers are more energy efficient than other oil and gas fired boilers.

Trust Buderus to provide you home or commercial heating application with products specially designed to fit your heating needs. Now may be a good time to check out your existing boiler system and see if that system is cost you money and energy. Contact a sales representative for more information on the Logano G315 Oil Conventional Boiler or any of the other quality products that Buderus has to offer.

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