Delta 9113-AR-DST review

If you’re looking for a modern, stylish faucet that is just as functional for every day use as your current model, consider the Delta 9113-AR-DST. This contemporary faucet features a euro design with subtle features, high maneuverability, and dozens of unique attributes.

Available in four attractive finishes (Matte Black, Venetian Bronze, Arctic Stainless, and Chrome), this faucet adapts easily in any style of kitchen. It is easy to install, featuring the exclusive Duramount mounting system that makes it easy to install, maintain, and endure every challenge you throw at it. These finishes are stain- and spot-resistant, and will help keep your kitchen looking tidy. This leak-proof faucet lasts twice as long as the industry standard and is guaranteed to make light work of any kitchen task.


This faucet can fit one- or three- hole sinks, making it adaptable to any style of kitchen. A two-function spray wand lets you switch back and forth between spray and stream. The faucet has a spout that swivels three hundred and sixty degrees, with a full twenty-inch reach. It works well and extends fully even into the deepest sinks.

Sleek, Ergonomic Style

The Delta 9113-AR-DST has subtle accents, allowing it to fit into modern, classic, and transitional decor styles. It includes MagnaTite Docking technology, which makes use of a powerful magnet to keep the faucet docked. As a result, this faucet won’t droop or sag over time, and will keep your kitchen looking sleek and tidy. You don’t need to hold any button down to keep the faucet in continuous sprayer modes like other types of faucets, and it requires minimal adjusting or elbow grease when using.


The Delta 9113-AR-DST is easy to install. It has a diamond-embedded ceramic disc that eliminates the need for lubrication and also reduces long-term wear. It resists mineral build-up with rubber spray holes that can be easily wiped clean.

The touch feature of this faucet reduces the amount of water pooling below the handle, helping to keep the faucet cool and dry at all times. This also helps extend the life of your other fixtures and kitchen surfaces.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

This product is backed by Delta’s Lifetime Limited Warranty, which will cover most incidentals and damage. This product comes equipped with InnoFlex PEX one-piece supply lines, providing an even better value for your money. Customers rarely report the need to cash in on the warranty–the faucets’ advanced design helps it last up to five million uses.

Special Features

For a minimal additional fee, you can purchase this faucet with exclusive Touch2O technology. This feature is well worth the price; it is backed by Delta’s 5-Year Limited Warranty and allows you to lightly bump the faucet to turn it on. This makes it easier to cook and clean, s you aca operate the faucet even when your hands are full or covered in filth–reducing the need to wipe down another surface.

The faucet has a four-minute timer so that it doesn’t run if you accidentally forget to shut it off. It turns on and off nicely when tapped, and provides high water pressure regardless of the setting in which it is being operated.

Furthermore, the device has a TempSense Technology color indicator to show the water temperature–a must-have feature for those with small children. In a pinch, you can still operate the faucet manually with the handle.


While most customers love the design, functionality, and reliability of this faucet, some customers report minor flaws. For example, only the outside components of this faucet are made out of metal, with the rest containing plastic parts that can separate from the metal exterior.

In addition, some customers report that the touch features doesn’t work as well on all areas of the faucet, with the curved prat of the device experiencing less functionality than the rest of the faucet. However, this is usually addressed with some rerouting of the faucet. What’s more, most customers report that fully grabbing the faucet to adjust where it is pointing doesn’t turn it on or off, indicating that it is just sensitive enough to register different motions.

Luckily, Delta’s customer support and Lifetime Limited Warranty make it easy to deal with these—exceedingly rare–drawbacks. If you’re looking for a faucet that enhances the appearance of your kitchen and makes it easier to go about your daily tasks, consider the Delta 9113-AR-DST.

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