Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Review

One of the most unique Hybrid Water Heaters is the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater. What makes this hybrid water heater so different from the rest? Eternal Hybrid Water Heater The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater takes the best features and qualities from a tankless water heater and a tank water heater. The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater was first created back in 2006 and it was introduced to the industry by Grand Hall Enterprises. Grand Hall has been in business since 1985 and the Grand Hall USA division is located in Dallas Texas.

The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is a tank style water heater but is has a very large burner design like a tankless unit. This hybrid water heater has a large surface area for the heat exchanger; this will help maximize the amount of heat that is available when the heat comes from the flue gases. The tank will then take the stored water and deliver when you need it. Once all of the hot water in the tank has been used, the tankless water heater function kicks in and an endless supply of hot water is then used. The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater can bring 9.4 gallons per minute with a 45 degree Fahrenheit rise and at an 80 degrees rise the hybrid water heater will deliver 5.2 gallons per minute.

The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is BTU rated from 47,500 to 236,000. This system also has a multi pass heat exchanger. This will bring out the heat and then it will pass through 44 baffled stainless steel pipes which maximize heat transfer and this will help keep the unit energy efficient and cost effective.

The energy efficiency rating of this unit is 86%. It also is considered a clean burning water heater and environmentally friendly. There are very little if any greenhouse emissions. It is a self-cleaning unit and this will help save you money on repairs and upkeep. It is very important to read your manuals so you can utilize all of the features to help you save as much as you can on a monthly but on a yearly basis as well.

There are two models in the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Series, the GU-20 and the GU-26. Both are energy efficient and cost effective. These water heaters do qualify for the Federal Tax Credit. On your Tax Returns due no later than April 15, 2011, you must include the IRS Form 5695 as well as the original receipt and the Manufacturers Certification Statement. You can find this statement on the manufacturer’s website or by calling their customer service number.

To qualify for this tax credit, the Hybrid Water Heater must be installed no later than December 31, 2010. This tax credit is to be used on your principal residences, second home qualify but new constrictions and rental properties do not. You can save 30% of up to $ 1500 if you take the credit. Not only would you be getting a water heater that delivers hot water when you need it but it will save you money on your water and energy bills. For additional savings you will receive 30% off of the purchase. How could you go wrong?

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