Delta 9178 AR DST kitchen faucet review

Choosing any aspect of your home decor is stressful. Choosing a functional part of your home decor is arguably even more stressful! Buying a new kitchen faucet can be undeniably overwhelming. There are multiple decisions and considerations to be made, and thousands of different faucets on the market.

However, there are several key qualities to decide upon when shopping for your next kitchen faucet. Before heading to the store, keep in mind that whichever faucet you select, you will need to make sure it fits with your current hardware and design.

When shopping for your next faucet, consider the Delta 9178 AR DST Kitchen Faucet. In our opinion, this is one of the best kitchen faucets on the market. Available on Amazon, this durable faucet will last for years.

Gorgeous Finishes

This faucet is available in four different finishes: Arctic Stainless, Chrome, Spotshield Stainless, and Venetian Bronze. This unique feature makes it a great option for multiple styles and kitchen designs. Whether you’re looking for a vintage farmhouse feel or a more polished, modern look, this faucet is available in any style. The finish resists smudges and maintains a polished look even under the grimiest, stickiest, and smudgiest of toddler fingers.

Flexibility & Adaptability

The neck of the faucet swivels 360 degrees in any direction. However, the faucet features a magnet that snaps the spray wand into place so that it doesn’t wander or hang limp when not in use. Unlike many faucets, the neck of this one doesn’t droop or become overly stiff over time. It holds up to multiple uses.

Touch2O Features

In addition, the faucet sports a unique Touch2O Feature that can be purchased for an additional fee. This feature allows you to turn the faucet on and off with just a light touch anywhere on the spout or handle. It is operated by 6 AA batteries (included with the purchase of the faucet) and includes a light to tell you when the batteries are low. It also has an automatic water flow shut-off feature if water is left running for more than one minute. This is a great feature for folks with small children or distracted family members who tend to leave the sink running for minutes (or hours!) on end. Fewer water used=lower bills. Win-win!

Seamless Installation

It is also possible to purchase an expert set up plan for under $50. This plan removes the hassle of configuring your existing set up to accommodate the new faucet. Trained experts will come to your home, remove the old faucet and drain stopper, and install the new faucet, handles, and drain-stopper. They will then reattach supply lines so that no further work is required. For the busy or the less-than-handy homeowner, this is a fantastic (and necessary) option.

However, if you choose to install the faucet yourself, it’s a breeze. It is built with unique DIAMOND Seal Technology. Essentially, what this means is that the product is easier to install and will old up for many years. It has fewer leak points and is rated for lasting twice as long as the industry standard. The faucet is easy to install because everything comes together in one convenient box. You won’t be running to the hardware store for additional pieces.

Lifetime Warranty

What’s perhaps most endearing about this faucet is that it’s protected by a limited lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong, the company will repair or replace it without any questions asked. That’s a comfort for anybody who’s ever gone through the hassle of returning faulty product after faulty product, with no compensation.


The only downside to this fixture is that, if not properly installed, some leaking can occur. We noticed that it was dripping when switching between the “spray” and “stream” functions. However, when the faucet was readjusted, the dripping went away. This has been a problem with every type of faucet we’ve tried, so consider expert installation to avoid experiencing this minor headache at all.

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you need a faucet that will work as hard as you do. A stylish faucet can tie the décor of the room together, and one that is as functional and fun as the Delta 9178 AR DST will make any culinary task a simple feat.

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KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink FaucetKOHLER offers a wide variety of kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets. The kitchen sink is only as good as the faucet. KOHLER has an extensive inventory of kitchen faucets from single handle to two handles, pullout faucets to pullout faucets with side sprays. One of their premier products is the KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet. This faucet is stylish yet dependable and reliable for any kitchen sink. Available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Stainless and Matte Black, there is a design that would look great with any kitchen décor.

The KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet or Model K-647 has a lot to offer the homeowner, for example the Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet offers an elegant design with a traditional high arch, and this offers ergonomic use as well as a fully functional faucet. This faucet offers a high arch spout with a 360-degree rotation making clean up and food preparation easier than ever before. The Simplice offers a compact three-function sprayhead that contains the spray, aerated flow and a pause function.

KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet Review
The KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet offers a MasterClean sprayface that was designed to resist any mineral build up that causes corrosion. This will prolong the life of your faucet and keep it looking new for years. This faucet is easy to clean as well. The KOHLER ProMotion Technology provides a light yet quite nylon hose, designed with a ball valve configuration on the pull down sprayhead. This faucet has coordinating entertainment sink faucets available for aesthetic coordination for multi sink applications.

The KOHLER finishes; Polished Chrome, Vibrant Stainless and Matte Black are created with a non-corrosive formula that exceed the industry’s standards. The KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet is a metal construction with a one piece, self-contained ceramic disc valve that offers better volume as well as better temperature control. The faucet has a temperature memory feature that allows the faucet to turn on and off at any temperature setting. There is also a high temperature limit setting that provides added safety and to prevent burning.

KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet is available with an 8-inch or 9-inch spout reach and a lower flow aerator option. This faucet provides 2.2 gallons per minute maximum flow rate. The Simplice offers ADA Compliance, ASME, NSF 61, ICC and all applicable US Federal and State Material Regulations. KOHLER provides their customers with products they can trust, not only do they look great but they are 100% reliable and 100% dependable. Their construction is strong and if used properly you can conserve water as well as save time in the kitchen.

The KOHLER Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet comes with a side spray that can also be a great help in food prep and clean up. You can find the KOHLER Simplice or any of the other great KOHLER Kitchen Sink Faucets at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement Locations.

KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet

KOHLER Archer Bathroom FaucetKOHLER has a wide inventory of products; one room in the house where you spend a good amount of time in is the bathroom. Why shouldn’t your bathroom just as nice and well designed as the rest of the house? The KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet is a great way to start. Having a nice dependable yet stylish bathroom fixture is a good place to start your bathroom transformation. The KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet is an affordable and modern way to keep your bathroom functioning.

Having a good faucet is essential in a bathroom, good hygiene depends on it. The Archer Design Faucet is available in Polished Chrome and Vibrant Brushed Nickel. Model Number K-11075-4; add a CP or BN after the model number depending on if you choose the Chrome Polished or the Bushed Nickel. This bathroom faucet is a 4-inch center design with two handles. The faucet has the KOHLER ceramic disc valve design that exceeds the industry longevity standards for a lifetime. KOHLER faucets are high quality and high performance; you can actually save money and time by installing an Archer Bathroom Faucet.

Both the Polished Chrome and the Vibrant Brushed Nickel finishes are rust and corrosion and tarnish proof, they have a fluid design line for easier cleaning. Always test your cleaning solution on an area that is not too visible, just in case the cleaner does not work well with the finish. Then wipe the surfaces clean and rinse with water right after applying the cleaner, do not let the cleaner sit on the finish. Use only a soft, dampened sponge or cloth, do not use scouring pads or anything abrasive to clean your faucet, you could scratch it.

With this faucet you can have a long life faucet and it will look like new even after a few years. The KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet is a brass construction with brass valve bodies. The waterway is cast brass and it has a quarter turn washerless ceramic valves, which offers no leaking, efficient bathroom faucet.

The Archer comes with a pop up drain with tailpiece and a 4-inch pout reach and a 4-inch center. The spout does not rotate and the faucet does offer a 1.5 gallons per minute maximum flow rate. This design is EPA WaterSense as well as ADA Compliant. The KOHLER WaterSense System is a water saving system that works in conjunction with the EPA. This program does help promote water efficient products and programs available all across the United States.

Not only are you getting a dependable bathroom faucet but a water-conserving faucet as well. KOHLER offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their faucets. Make sure that you read all of the enclosed warranty information before installing your new sink faucet. KOHLER is a name you can trust with your entire kitchen and bathroom needs. You can find this KOHLER products and other sin your local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement Locations.

KOHLER Purist Model K-7505 Kitchen Sink Faucet

KOHLER Purist Model K-7505 Kitchen Sink FaucetKOHLER has been serving the plumbing industry for over 90 years. They have a huge inventory of everything you could possibly want and more for your kitchen or bathroom. They have an extensive line of sink, tubs and faucets. Kohler is all about providing gracious living with every single experience you have with a Kohler product. KOHLER Faucets have a great style, they have traditional faucets, modern and contemporary styles as well.

One of the more contemporary styles in the KOHLER family of faucets is the Purist Design. Model K-7505 is one of the most stylish yet dependable kitchen faucets in the KOHLER family.

The Purist K-7505 is described as a Kitchen Faucet with a Pullout Spout. Some of the features offered on the K-7505 are the streamline contemporary design; this offers cleaning up and maintenance simple and quick and in the long run will save you money and time. The spout will rotate 360 degrees with an 8-15/16 inch clearance below the spout. This feature in other words makes washing pots and pans a lot easier than with more faucets.

The KOHLER Purist Model K-7505 Kitchen Faucet has a small three function spray head with spray, this feature offers laminar flow as well as a pause function making this faucet easy to operate outside of the sink area. As for technology, the Purist was design with innovation and engineering, the K-7505 offers the KOHLER ProMotion Technology, this offers a light and quiet nylon hose that comes with a built in ball joint configuration on the pullout spray head. This allows for a more ergonomic and easy to use faucet.

This faucet is ADA compliant and has a single lever for easier operation. KOHLER faucets are finishes are rust and corrosion resistant and they will not tarnish, this by far exceeds the industry standards. These faucets have a ceramic disc valve design, which also exceeds the longevity standards by double. These faucets are made to last a long, long time. The finish offers on the KOHLER Purist Model K-7505 Kitchen Faucet is Polished Chrome. The design itself is a metal construction, single piece faucet with self contained ceramic disc valves that allow or better volume and temperature control.

With the KOHLER Purist Model K-7505 Kitchen Sink Faucet you will have 2.2 gallons per minute maximum flow rate. This faucet has a low flow aerator options available. Having a dependable and reliable kitchen faucet is almost important as having a working refrigerator. You depend on your kitchen sink for washing dishes and food preparation. Why settle for an old leaking faucet when you can get a new reliable yet stylish kitchen faucet that can save you money rather than you watch your money go down the drain.

KOHLER has an excellent reputation; their products speak for themselves. KOHLER is one of the most recognized names in the plumbing fixture industry. Choose the Kohler Purist Model K-7505 Kitchen Sink Faucet or any of the other high quality and high performance kitchen faucets they have available. You can find KOHLER products at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

Watts Stainless Steel Braided Faucet Supply Line

Watts Stainless Steel Braided Faucet Supply Line

If you are looking to replace your water supply lines on either your bathroom sink faucet or kitchen faucet you can use something called “braided lines” that are easier to install then the traditional old school faucet supply lines that take way to much time to install.

Here is a picture of a WATTS braided faucet water supply line, you will need one for the hot water and one for the cold water.