How To Hook Up Your Washing Machine

Hooking up a washing machine will take under an hour of time if you are educated in the process of installing the water and drain lines. Every washing machine requires a hot and a cold water supply. Some older houses will have a set of boiler drains and shower els that will supply and feed the hot and cold water to your washing machine.

The drain line needs to go inside of the soap stack so it can drain into the washing machine line P trap.

How To Adjust Your Gas Hot Water Heater Thermostat

Adjusting Your water heater temperature can be accomplished in a few minutes if you know what you are looking for on the gas water heater you are trying to adjust. On the front of electric and gas water heaters is an adjustment dial that will allow you to turn up and also lower the temperature of the water heater. For example on most Bradford White water heaters you will have an A B & C setting.

You can use these letters to control the output temperature on your gas water heater. In this video below Joseph shows you how to adjust the dial on your gas water heater.