Jandy LXi Swimming Pool Heater

Jandy is one of the world leaders when it comes to swimming pool heaters and swimming pool equipment. One of the bets of the best of the Jandy Pool Heater products is the LXi, which has been dubbed the Next Generation in Heating Technology. The Jandy LXi Swimming Pool Heater contains the most advanced features such as the superior hydraulic design as well as the lightest yet the strongest materials. This swimming pool heater was made to last. There are four main concepts that make the LXi one of the best heaters on the market today.

Compact, the Jandy LXi is the easiest swimming pool heater to install, this heater is about 33% lighter than most heaters and it has a 15% smaller footprint than other heaters, which provides more flexibility for installation. The second thing is Powerful; the LXi header was designed to improve the efficiency of the entire circulation system. The offset plumbing as well as the 2-inch universal unions does provide more flexibility for a more direct connection.

Reliable, this heater has a low NOx fan assisted combustion system; this makes the unit environmentally friendly. It also comes with a Hot Surface Ignition System that offers maximum performance every time. Lastly, Efficient, with the factory installed C-Fin Heat Exchanger; this heater was designed for low operating costs but greater savings. All of the models in the LXi Series have an advanced digital control system.

The control system is operator friendly and it has a built in backlit display. The system uses one touch automation. This is a great way to keep control of the temperature settings and if you need to make any adjustments it is just that easy. The unit comes with freeze protection and the exclusive Jandy Maintain Temp function. There is a built in automation swimming pool and spa switch and if you want there are additional control panels that can be used in the home or pool side.

Choosing the right Jandy LXi Swimming Pool Heater is important, if you choose something that is too small, you are not going to warm the water up efficiently and it is going to cost you money. If you buy a larger heater, then you would also be wasting energy, which results in wasting money. There are three different models available, the 250,000 BTU, 300,000 BTU and the 400,000 BTU LXi Heater. Jandy has a Pool Sizing Chart available on their website which tell you the specs depending on Temperature Difference, between the air during the coldest month that you run the heater and what your desired swimming pool temperature.

Jandy works to provide their customers with the right size heaters so they pool owners can have a comfortable, affordable experience with their heaters. Now may be the time to get rid of that old heater that is barely heating your pool but burning up your money. The Jandy LXi Series Heaters can properly heat up your swimming pool and save you money. Contact your local Jandy dealer for more information on the LXi Swimming Pool Heater System, you can find Jandy products at your local swimming pool supply store.

Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool HeaterThere used to be a time when swimming pool season was the end of June to the end of August. With more swimming pool owners installing pool heaters, the swimming pool season starts as early as April and ends as late as October. This is possible due to the technology in pool heaters. By installing a pool heater you can have the perfect water temperature when you want it at a price that you can afford. One of the leaders in the swimming pool heater industry is Pentair. They have everything you need and more for your swimming pool.

The Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater is just one of the impressive pool heaters that Pentair has to offer. The MiniMax 75 is a compact style heater that works best on smaller above ground swimming pools and spas with a 900-gallon capacity. The MiniMax 75 is a gas fired pool heater that is actually considered to be an environmentally friendly heater since it emits low NOx emissions. This heater complies with any local and state environmental regulations. The unit is rated for 75,000 BTU’s and is considered to be very economical to run, therefore saving you money.

Some of the features of the MiniMax 75 from Pentair are the patented thermostatic bypass valve which will decrease the condensation related calcium scaling that can corrode a pool heater over time, the valve will also help keep in heat as the heat transfers throughout the system. The MiniMax 75has a greater than 79% thermal efficiency which will keep operating temperatures low while keeping your pool at a nice warm temperature. The heater is quiet and dependable.

It was even designed with a service friendly design that includes a bronze header system, which provides long life. It comes with a union connection fitting that provides fast drainage for maintenance and for winterization. The Pentair MiniMax 75 comes with an operator friendly control system and a low maintenance design. Some of the other features offered on the Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater are the flow valve sensors, for water flow this allows water to flow through the system at peak rate. The unit has a ceramic tile insulation that will prevent any unwanted heat loss and this will greatly increase the efficiency of the heater as well as decease the operating costs.

The Pentair MiniMax 75 offer a Millivolt standing pilot version in natural gas, and a quick flange which allows 1-1/2 FIP connections. The controls as we mentioned are operator friendly and they have been designed for extremely easy access. This pool heater can be installed up to 3,500 Ft altitude. Pentair offers a One Year Warranty. If you are looking to install a new heater for the first time or replace that old unit with a new more cost effective and energy efficient pool heater, then the MiniMax 75 is a perfect fit.

You can find Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater and other Pentair products at your local swimming pool supply store. By installing a Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater, you will see the heater pay for itself in just two pool seasons.

Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool HeaterPentair is the leader in swimming pool supplies, they have everything from above ground cleaning systems, pumps, filters, lighting, heat pumps and heaters just to name a few. Everything you need and more for your swimming pool, Pentair has it. They have an impressive inventory of in ground swimming pool heaters; one of their premier products is the Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater. The Max-E-Therm Heater can be used for indoor or outdoor installations on both in ground swimming pools and spas. This Eco Select Brand product is considered to be a green and environmentally friendly pool heater.

Some of the key features offered on the Max-E-Therm are that it is a high efficiency pool heater that is very affordable to run. It was designed with a special fueling and ignition process that allows the water to warm up faster than other pool heaters. There is an easy to read and easy to program control panel, where you can monitor or make adjustments as you need to. The Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater was designed and engineered for fast heat ups and cost effective operation. These swimming pool heaters come with a built in self-diagnostic system.

On the control panel, there are indicator lights that will pinpoint the heater or the system’s conditions. This feature can be a great help, in the event that there is a problem, you will be able to see it before it becomes a bigger problem, therefore saving you money. The unit itself is made with a tough exterior coating and the inside is made of Dura Glas, this is an exclusive formula made by Sta-Rite. It is a thermoplastic resin that can handle the heat from the unit and from the weather and its elements.

There are 5 different models available in natural gas and 4 available models in propane. The BTU’s range from 200,000 to 400,000. Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater is lightweight and compact; they are actually the lightest pool heaters in it class. The compact design was created for retrofit installation. There is an easy to use switch that can change gas sources with the installation of a separate space.

The units are constructed with rustproof housing which is a sleek matte black style that is made of Dura Glas. The in ground swimming pool heater has a low operating costs and has an energy efficiency rating of 84%. The heat exchanger is made from cupra nickel and can withstand the harshest of applications such as heavy use, corrosion and low pH. The Max-E-Therm has a 6-position control panel, a PMG Burner technology, so that there is no need for an outdoor draft hood.

Pentair is one of the leaders in the industry, along with Jandy and Hayward. Their line of heaters are some of the most efficient and cost effective on the market today. Contact your local Pentair sales representative with any questions that you may have on the Max-E-Therm or any of the other Pentair products. You can find Pentair at your local swimming pool supply store.

Jandy LX Heater Series Pool Heater

Jandy LX Heater Series Pool HeaterSwimming pool heaters used to be big bulky heaters that took up too much room and cost too much money to operate. With new technology, swimming pool heaters are more compact and more energy efficient. Jandy is a recognized leader in the swimming pool heater industry. They have an extensive line of products that can be matched with any size swimming pool. Jandy Heaters are compact in size and they are designed to heat your pool effectively and efficiently every single year.

One of the premier swimming pool heaters that Jandy has to offer is the Jandy LX Heater Series. This heater is different from the others in the fact that the Jandy LX has their own digital control panel; this LED panel is easy to use and easy to understand. The LX Series swimming pool heater provides an automatic spa to pool switch along with an EZ wireless remote control kit.

Some of the other features the LX has to offer is the User Friendly Graphical User Interface or GUI. This device allows you to make more accurate adjustments and perform more thorough diagnostics with just a simple touch of a button. The heater unit itself is made from a corrosion proof polymer material that can produce greater flow capacity as well as provide a longer life cycle. The unit is designed with a fan assisted, controlled combustion system, this will also allow for more efficient in any weather condition.

In addition to having a new Jandy LX Heater Series, there are some additional things that you can do to help keep your operating costs lower. For example, Jandy recommends that you keep your LX heater set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. As a tip for saving energy, they also recommend that you increase the heater temperature by 4 degrees you will be using more than 40%, so if you want to keep the cost low, keep your heater at 78 degrees.

Another great way to save money would be to start the heater at certain points of the day, for example, if you want to go swimming early before the sun is at its high point, set the heater on 78 degrees, once the sun become warmer turn off the heater so save energy. If you choose to go swimming at night, start the heater up as the sun goes down. Then add a thermal solar cover to the pool when the sun goes down after everyone is done swimming. This will help keep in the heat from the pool. It is not a good idea to leave your heater running 24 hours a day.

When looking for a location to install the heater, choose a place where the heater can be placed on solid, flat ground. There must be enough combustion and air ventilation to get the most from the heater. If you are looking to install a new heater or replace the old one, a Jandy LX Series is a great place to start. You can find the Jandy LX Heater Series at your local swimming pool supply location.

Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater Review

Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater ReviewJandy Swimming Pool Heaters are perfect for residential swimming pools; they offer quality and high performance that is not often found in swimming pool heaters. One of the heaters in the Jandy inventory is not just high quality and performance but cost effective and energy efficient as well. This heater is the Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater. This swimming pool heater can offer remarkably low operating costs as well as the most advanced and fuel-efficient swimming pool heater on the market today.

The Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater has an efficiency rating of 95%; this is the most energy efficient swimming pool heater available. One reason for its efficiency is the one of a kind forced air system that makes this heater perfect for backyards in extreme weather locations. There is a dual thermostat controls, which is perfect for both pool and spa combos. The Jandy Hi-E2 is easy to use and though it is powerful it can save you money when used properly.

The Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heaters meets and exceeds all environmental standards and it is extremely compact making for a more flexible installation. The heater is also weather independent, this means that the heater can be used to maintain the perfect water temperature 365 days a year. The Jandy Hi-E2 can be installed either indoors or outdoors, if you are replacing an old unit or maybe installing a heater for the very first time. The Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heaters can be used for either commercial or residential applications.

Three key factors make up the success of the Jandy Hi-E2 Heater, the heater has Efficient Technology, Durable and Dependable Service and the Trouble Free Operation. The unit comes with a self-cleaning ignition that uses automatic venting and a high velocity heat exchanger that work to provide a reliable and safe swimming pool heater for your swimming pool investment. The Hi-E2 comes with a hot surface ignition system; this system provides safety that the pilot light ignition system doesn’t. The Jandy Hi-E2 is a gas heater so this safety feature comes in handy.

The American Red Cross recommends that pool owners keep their heaters set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. By just increasing the heater a mere 4 degrees, you are using about 40% more gas, this may cost you money later depending on how much you are paying for gas. 78 degrees is the perfect temperature and if you really want to start saving money, add a thermal barrier or solar cover onto your swimming pool at night.

At night is when you lose a lot of heat due to evaporation, by turning off your heater at night and adding the thermal barrier you can keep the heat in and in it decrease the amount of time you will need to run the heater. With the Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater, you can heat your swimming pool efficiently, not only will the heater offer you an extended swimming season but the heater will pay for itself in just about 2 years.

Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater

Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool HeaterHayward has an extensive line of swimming pool heaters in their inventory. They have been providing pool owners with high quality, high performance equipment for over 80 years. One of these premier heaters is the Universal H-Series Low NOx Heater. The Universal H-Series has an 84 percent thermal efficiency; this is one of the most efficient swimming pool heaters in the industry. With this swimming pool heater from Hayward, you can make swimming in your swimming pool easier and less stressful.

Hayward Heaters are a step above the rest in the aspect that they have their own exclusive features only found in the Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater. These features include a Standard Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger, this heat exchanger comes with a managed flow system that provides excellent corrosion resistance and erosion protection. This heater is perfect if you have a salt-based electronic chlorination system.

The Universal l H- Series Heater comes with a superior Hydraulic Performance, this system is an industry leader when it comes down to performance, it will save you energy by decreasing the circulation pump in run time. The unit comes with a state of the art Finn Plate; the heat exchanger comes with a special V groove design that allows for faster heating and a longer life span. The Universal H-Series is a Hot Surface Silicon nitride Ignition System; this means that the system is dependable for lighting and for quality operation every time.

The Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater has its choice of either left side or right side connections. You also have your choice of electric, gas and water connections; this provides extra flexibility when installing the heater. The heater is a modern style that is compact in size; it has a low profile design and front panel access, which is required and most helpful with installation and maintenance. There are 6 available models in natural gas and 6 available models in propane. The BTU range is 150,000 to 399,900.

The Universal H-Series was designed to be efficient and cost effective, Hayward is offering the H-Series Millivolt Heater, and this unit will bring high performance and cost savings. The unit has a standing pilot system that also ensures lighting every time. The Millivolt heaters also have a Finn Plate Heat Exchanger and FireTile Combustion Chamber. You can choose either the natural gas model or the propane model; available models come in BTU range of 150,000 to 250,000.

On each Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater you will find LED Control Panel that helps monitor the heaters’ performance. If there is a hint of any problems you will see it before it turns into a larger more expensive problem. On the Hayward website, you will find sizing guides available to help you choose the best heater for your swimming pool or spa. If you have any questions, regarding the Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater or any other Hayward Heater, ask your local sales representative. You can find the Universal H-Series Heaters at your local swimming pool supply store.