Hayward Above Ground Heat Pump Review

Hayward Above Ground Heat Pump ReviewHayward has been serving the swimming pool industry for over 80 years; they have every piece of equipment that you need to efficiently and effectively run your swimming pool cleanly and comfortably the entire swimming pool season. More above ground swimming pool owners are looking to safely heat their swimming pools so they can get the most of their investment. Hayward offers some high quality, high performance above ground swimming pool heaters; one of them is the Hayward Above Ground Heat Pump. This heat pump can effectively heat an above ground swimming pool with up to 13,000 gallons of water.

Every swimming pool heater from Hayward is designed for any and every different type and size of above ground and in ground swimming pool available. The Hayward Above Ground Heat Pump offers Hayward’s own ArmourCoil Heat Exchanger; this heat exchanger will fully heat all of the pool water without allowing any corrosive metals to get inside the heat pump. This is often how heat pumps burn out so quickly. The ArmourCoil Heat Exchanger is also protected with coating that will isolate the metal from damaging the chemically treated pool water.

The Hayward Above Ground Heat Pump offers a protective vinyl coated steel screen, a sealed access panel, a UV protected PVC shell that will not rust or deteriorate. The unit has easy to use controls and a deep base pan. There are two different models to choose from, the HPABG and the HPABG Deluxe. The HPABG has a COP rating of 4.2/3.0, the heating rate if the system is 80 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temp with 63% RH and 45 gallons per minute is 38,000 BTU’s. The recommended water flow rate minimum is 25 and the maximum is 55.
The electrical requirements are 12.1 amps, 2,700 volts and a time fuse delay if 20

The HPABG Deluxe has a COP rating of 5.4/3.9. The heating rate if the system is 80 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temp with 63% RH and 45 gallons per minute is 57,000 BTU’s. The recommended minimum water flow rate allowed is 20 and the maximum is 75. The electrical requirements are 15.9 amps, 3,280 watts and time fuse delay of 30. Each unit has a ½ horsepower fan and the recommended refrigerant is R-22. The voltage needed is 220 volts with 30 amps.

In addition to having a high performance Above Ground Heat Pump you can also purchase a thermal barrier. Most of the heat that is lost from the swimming pool is lost through evaporation. By having a solar cover, you can keep in some of the heat and keep your heater on a lower temperature; this will help you save a little extra money.

Make sure that you read all of the manuals regarding installation and clearances before installing the Hayward Above Ground Heat Pump. This heater is easy to install and easy to wire, if you have any questions about installation at all, contact your local Hayward sales representative, they will be happy to assist you. All Hayward products are covered by a warranty, make sure that you read all of the warranty information and make sure that you register your warranty online so you can keep the warranty in effect.

Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool HeaterPentair has some impressive products for residential swimming pool owners. Pentair offers high quality, high performance pool cleaners, pumps, filters and heaters. More homeowners are looking to find a quality swimming pool heater for their above ground swimming pools. Pentair offers the MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater. This is a lightweight, compact energy efficient gas fired pool or spa heater.

Sometimes pool owners purchase large heaters because they think the larger the heater the better the water temperature. All a big swimming pool heater will do is cost you money. The MiniMax has a 100,000 BTU’s that is capable of heating any above ground swimming pool and spa.

Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater Review
This swimming pool water heater offers a high thermal efficiency that helps keep operating costs low and at the same time, the unit directs more heat into the pool. The unit has a Pentair patented thermostatic bypass valve will decrease the condensation related sediments that can build up and corrode your heater, therefore shortening your heaters’ lifespan.

The Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater offers a ceramic tile insulation that will help prevent any wasteful heat loss; this in turn is that it will decrease the cost to heat the swimming pool. There is a built in vent located on top that helps with a more efficient combustion system. There are also factory installed flow valves that can sense the water flow and guarantee any water that passes by the heating element at the correct rate for higher efficient operation.

The Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater offers a user-friendly control system; you can set the temperatures to your settings not the factory setting. You can decide how warm you want the water to be, even making necessary adjustments is as easy as 1-2-3. As we mentioned this is a compact design pool heater, it offers more flexibility when deciding on a place for installation. You should make sure that you read all of the necessary installation clearances and requirements. These heaters can be connected to a 40 CPVC or ABS pipe.

The MiniMax 100 is service friendly; it includes a bronze header system, which provides a longer life and stronger union connection fittings for easy winterization. The unit is a direct spark ignition with a standing pilot and a Presslite millvolt internal ignition system. There are 4 different categories of the MiniMax 100 Swimming Pool Heater, the MiniMax100 Natural Gas, MiniMax 100 Propane Gas, MiniMax 100 Natural Gas with Cord and MiniMax 100 Propane Gas with Cord.

All units are 100,000 BTU’s, the thermostat installed in the Natural Gas and Propane units are either Electronic or Millivolt. On the MiniMax 100 Natural Gas and Propane with Cord are Electronic thermostats. The Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters are available where you purchase your local swimming pool supplies. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Pentair sales representative in your area.

Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater Review

Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater ReviewPentair is one of the world leaders in pool and spa equipment. They have a long line of products ranging from Pool Cleaners, Filters, Lighting, Pumps and Heaters just to name a few. Pentair offers everything you need for commercial swimming pools or your typical backyard swimming pool. Heaters are becoming more common in residential backyard, one of the premier selling swimming pool heaters is the MasterTemp High Performance Heater. The MasterTemp is a condensed heater design that offers high performance without spending a lot on your energy bills.

The Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater works with a premixed system with a highly efficient air and gas combination. This premium blend allows the MasterTemp to heat up your swimming pool water faster. You won’t have to wait long until the swimming pool is ready to go. This swimming pool heater has no pilot light ignition just a hot surface ignition and a pushbutton for safer lighting. The unit has an easy to see rotating digital display that provides the controls to be at the front and center of the heater and not someplace hard to reach.

Some of the features offered by Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater is that the unit heats up quickly so there is no more waiting to swim or enjoy your spa. The unit has Best In Class Energy Efficiency, this means that the energy efficiency rating is so high that the heater is actually economical to use. The Pentair MasterTemp has a rotating digital display that provides easy viewing. The unit itself is protected with a tough rustproof exterior handles that can withstand heat and other of weather elements.

There are also safety features put in place to protect the MasterTemp, there is a water pressure switch that can sense when the pump is going to overheat, the high limit switch will guarantee that the heater will automatically shutoff if the water temperature exceeds the factory set limits. There is also a manual gas shut off when and if service is needed. There are 7 different liquid propane models to choose from, the BTU’s range from 175,000 to 400,000 ASME. There are also 8 different natural gas models with a BTU range from 175,000 to 400,000 ASME.

For you spa, there are 5 different models, ranging from 175,000 BTU’s to 400,000 HD. The MasterTemp Heater is from Pentair’s Eco Select Brand. These heaters qualify as green and environmentally friendly. Being green, this heater offers energy and water conservation and noise reduction. These are compact units, each measuring in at 21inches in length x 21 inches in width x 28 inches in height.

Pentair has a reputation for being the best of the best in swimming pool equipment. By choosing a MasterTemp or any of the other fine Pentair products you can guarantee a long lasting heating system that provides plenty of time to swim even after the swimming pool season has ended. You can find Pentair Products at your local swimming pool supply location.

Jandy Lite2 Heater Series Review

Jandy Lite2 Heater Series ReviewJandy has been providing homeowners with swimming pool heaters for over 50 years. They are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of swimming pool heaters in the world. There are many great Jandy Swimming Pool Heaters in their inventory; they have one for just about every application you can think of. One of the premier swimming pool heaters is the Jandy Lite2 Heater Series. The Jandy Lite2 Swimming Pool Heaters are easy to program and comes with a variety of different features guaranteed to help make your time in the swimming pool more enjoyable.

There are three different models to choose from the Lite2 LJ, the Lite2 LD and the Lite2 LG. The Lite2 LJ features a liquid crystal digital display with a pump control that is completely programmable. This model also comes with a dual temperature controls a built in freeze protection as well as a functioning heaters diagnostic system. The LJ Series is a self-cleaning unit; it has a hot surface ignition system that allows for quick set up every time. On these units there is no burner tray removal required.

The Lite2 LG model features a field proven millivolt ignition system as well as an electronic thermostat. This unit features a copper heat exchanger as well as Flo Thru Baffles, which will allow for a more efficient heat transfer. This system will assist in lowering your operating costs every season. Each unit is made from a ceramic fiber combustion chamber that will contribute to the lighter weight of the unit as well as the more compact design.

There are 5 different model units in all; they are 125, 175, 250, 325, and 400. When ordering these models you would add the model that you want. For example, if you wanted the LD Series, you would order a LD175, the BTU’s range from 125,000 to 400,000. On the Jandy Pool Sizing Guide found on their website, you will be able to see which model of heater would work best for your swimming pool.

The charts are based on the maximum pool surface area of the models, the heat based on the Temperature Difference between the air temperature during the coldest month that you use the swimming pool, as well as the desired pool temperature. There is also a Spa Sizing Guide; these charts are based on the size of the Spa, the charts range from 200 gallons to 1000 gallons. Think of all of the features offered on the Jandy Lite2 Series Swimming Pool Heaters, there is a Lite2 for your swimming pool too. Jandy offers reliable, high quality, high performance heaters that are made to last.

By the typical heater standards you may get your swimming pool warm, but how long will it take? With the Jandy Lite2 it will take minutes not hours. You are getting a self-cleaning, self-diagnostic pool heater that is cost effective and energy efficient. Any of these models are easy to operate and easy to maintain, if your swimming pool heater is more than 5 years old, it may be time to find a new more cost efficient model. You can find the Jandy Lite2 Swimming Pool Heaters at your local swimming pool supply store locations.

Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater Review

Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater ReviewJandy is popular for their complete line of the filters, pumps, heat pumps, valves, cleaners and heaters for residential swimming pools. Jandy Heaters have become more popular over the years; they offer the LXi, LX, Lite2 and the Hi-E2. New to the Jandy swimming pool heater line is the Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater. Zodiac Pool Systems Inc is now offering their new atmospheric Legacy Line of pool and spa heaters. The Legacy was built with the same traditions of other Jandy Heaters but with new innovation and new technology. The Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heaters are only available for sale right now in the United States.

With 60 years plus experience in swimming pool heaters, the new Legacy was created with two models, the LRZE Electronic and the LRZM Millivolt Ignition Systems. The LRZE Electronic Ignition offers a technologically advanced dual thermostat controls while the LRZM features just a single control with an easy to use on and off switch. The choice is yours, but no matter what choice you make you are guaranteed to have many years of service from your new Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater.

The new Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater offers a ceramic fire combustion chamber; this makes the design more compact and lighter in weight. The unit has a Copper Heat Exchanger along with Flo Thru Baffles. This system will provide energy efficient heat transfers, which will decrease the amount of energy, that you need to effectively heat your swimming pool. These heaters have hot surface ignition systems that will provide easy operation on the LRZE Electronic Unit season after season.

There are 5 different models in both the LRZE and the LRZM Models, the BTU’s range from 125,000 to 399,000. The LRZE Models are all equipped with digital control of the pool and the spa set points. These models have all self diagnostic and communication systems that link to the Jandy AquaLink RS System. The Polymer headers use CPVC 2/2.5” universal union connections. The LRZM Models are equipped with an easy on and off temperature switch control system, a mechanical thermostat that will allow the users to easily set the pool or spa temperatures without hassle. The LRZM has Polymer headers with CPVC2/2.5 “ universal union connections.

If you are looking to replace that old money wasting swimming pool heater, the Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater is the right choice. Jandy has a Pool Sizing Guide that will help you determine which model is right for you. The legacy Heaters will heat the pool based on the temperature difference between the air temperature during the colder month the pool is being used and the desired pool temperature.

Jandy also provides a Spa Sizing Guide as well; this will help you determine which unit would be perfect for heating up your spa as well. Jandy has been in business for over 50 years, they have the innovation and the design to bring to your backyard not just a swimming pool heater but also a heater that is energy efficient as well as cost effective. Call your local Jandy sales representative with any questions that you may have about the Legacy or any of the other fine Jandy Swimming Pool Heaters.

Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater Review

Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater ReviewHayward is best known for their swimming pool pumps, but did you know that have a great line of swimming pool heaters? Hayward offers Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters as well as In Ground Heaters. One of the best selling Hayward In Ground Swimming Pool Heaters is the HeatPro. The Hayward HeartPro is a high efficiency heater that offers the perfect pool water temperature by using less energy. The HeatPro uses about 80% less energy than other swimming pool heaters.

The way the Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater works is by taking the heat from the air surrounding the unit and then uses it to help warm the water in the swimming pool. This will operation will help eliminate wasted energy, which results in wasted money. The Hayward HeatPro has some great features for example, the heat exchanger is made of a strong titanium material that is made to last many years. Hayward offers their own, exclusive coating that that separates from the chemicals found in the swimming pool, this design would help eliminate rust and corrosion therefore prolonging the life of your swimming pool heater.

There are 5 different heat pumps available for the HeatPro Series, the range from 80,000 BTUs to 125,000 BTU’s. There is nothing fancy about the electrical requirements; you only use 208-230 volts with 60 HZ and single phase. Each model unit will depend on which size swimming pool or spa that you have. Some homeowners are fearful of swimming pool heaters and that they are not safe. The Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heaters has some quality safety features installed; the features put in place will protect the unit from excessive refrigerant pressure as well as protection from loss of refrigerant. The unit is well protected from fan motor failure, low ambient temperatures and evaporator coil freeze ups.

Hayward’s Ultra Gold Corrosion protects the Evaporated Coil; this will also help the heater from weakening due to corrosion. The system has a digital LED Control Panel that offers easy to read codes and easy to make adjustments if needed. The heater was designed with a rounded base that offers a more compact and more flexible installation. The Digital Electronic Control Displays are always easier to read than standard displays; with the HeatPro if there is a problem with the operation you can see it before it turns into a larger problem. If you wish to change the heaters temperature you can do it easily with a digital system, which also offers more accuracy.

There are also self-diagnostic codes in the event that something goes wrong. These display controls have a dual thermostat; this becomes beneficial if you have the Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater hooked up to your swimming pool and spa. It is important that you read all of the necessary installation recommendations before choosing a place to install your new heater. If you have any questions regarding your HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater, simply ask your Hayward sales representative, they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find this Hayward Heater and other great Hayward products at your local swimming pool supply location.