Pentair Challenger High Flow Swimming Pool Pump

Pentair Challenger High Flow Swimming Pool PumpPentair Pumps have been providing high quality products to both commercial and residential swimming pools for over 50 years. They have an excellent reputation for manufacturing energy efficient pumps that exceeds all of the required standards. Their high performance filters, heaters are pumps are all designed to help you maintain your swimming pool properly, so you can have more time to enjoy the pool rather than spend it on constant maintenance. One of the popular Pentair products is the Pentair Challenger High Flow Swimming Pool Pump. The Challenger was created to increase the flow rates that are needed when you have a more demanding application.

The Challenger was designed to deliver extra pumping power and at the same time decreasing the amount of energy that us being used. This feature will help keep the operating cost of the pump down without sacrificing the power. All of the Pentair Challenger Pumps are reinforced with fiberglass as well as closed impellers and a custom molded thermoplastic components. These pumps also contain a proprietary hydraulic design that has been polished over the years. Some of the features include a specially designed internal components as well as a 2-inch port, which offer fast priming and a quiet operation.

The Pentair Challenger High Flow Swimming Pool Pump comes with an extra large strainer basket that can hold more dirt and debris; this will cut back on the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning out the pump. The basket has a see thru lid that is designed with ergonomic handles that provide the easy to remove and replace cover. The Challenger has a proprietary internal design that decreases the friction and the turbulence; this means that there is less noise and more energy efficiency when you use the Pentair Challenger Pump.

The Pentair Challenger High Flow Swimming Pool Pump has a single bolt stainless steel clamp that comes off easily for faster service that does not require tools. The thumbscrews make removing the drain plug simple for faster drainage and for winterization. There are 4 categories to choose from when ordering your Challenger Pump, Energy Efficient Single Speed Full Rated, the Standard Efficiency Single Speed Full Rated, Standard Efficiency Single Speed Up Rated and 5 HP Flow Pumps W/Large Strainer Pot with 3 Inch Suction.

Each of these pumps comes with the features we have listed; the differences are in the motors, the voltages, horsepower and amperages. Just as choosing the right brand of pump, choosing the right sized pump is just as if not more important. If you choose a pump motor that is too small, you will not be able to effectively and efficiently run your pool and the same goes if your pool pump is too big.

If you need any help choosing the right size pump motor, your local Pentair sales representative is there to help. You can find Pentair products any place you buy swimming pool supplies. The Pentair Challenger High Flow Swimming Pool Pump is a great way to get the most of your swimming pool and at an affordable operating cost, check out the Pentair Challenger, you won’t be disappointed.

Jandy ePump Swimming Pool Pump

Jandy ePump Swimming Pool PumpJandy is one of the most trusted names in the industry, the Jandy Industries started back in the early 1950’s; the man who invented the first automatic swimming pool cleaner, Andrew Pansini founded the Jandy Industries. Since the start of the company, the inventory consists of Water Pik, Laars and Jandy products. The company has merged with others and has created a company that not only has energy efficient products but quality swimming pools products too.

Jandy has quite the inventory when it comes to swimming pool equipment. Jandy is recognized as one of the leaders in the world when it comes to their high quality, energy efficient products. One of these products is the Jandy ePump, this is a variable speed pump that delivers high performance every time to you operate it. With the Jandy ePump, you can guarantee to save on money, energy and even maintenance time. This pump uses the power of the Jandy Stealth Pool Pump with a very high efficiency motor. The Jandy ePump offers some key features that ensure a swimming pool season free of stress and frustration.

Some of these features include the 3 Control Option Choice, there are three different options, the Aqualink RS OneTouch, AqualinkRS PDA and the ePump Controller. As we mentioned the ePump comes with an ultra high efficiency motor, this motor is a totally enclosed fan cooled or TEFC motor with a permanent magnet brushless DC motor. This motor offers a quiet operation so you will not disturb your neighbors. The ePump does contain the Stealth Pump Technology; this includes a very powerful and efficient pump operation, a smooth yet quiet running pump.

The Jandy Swimming Pool ePump has one of the largest trap baskets on the market today, this helps catch what your filter system is picking up and it reduces the amount of time that you will spend cleaning out the baskets. There are also many great user-friendly features like the ergonomic handles, which make pump transportation easy, and it has easy to read indicators. The ePump was created and constructed to exceed the strictest energy efficiency codes.

There are two different models in the ePump Models, the JEP-1.5, this pump has a horsepower rating of 0.25-2.2, 230 volts, with 2100 wattage. The Model JEP-2.0 has a horsepower rating of 0.25-2.7, 230 volts and 2300 wattage. The pipe size on the JEP-1.5 is 2 inches to 2-1/2 inches and on the JEP-2.0 the pipe size is 2-1/2 inches to 3 inches. The Jandy ePump offers an optional Off Board Remote Control; this off board remote control has two built in timers and 8 pre-set speeds. It has a LCD/LED display, two time out settings, pump priming and freeze protection.

By choosing the ePump from Jandy, you are getting a swimming pool pump with quality components, energy efficiency and high performance. You can eliminate the headaches that usually accompany swimming pool owners during the season, the Jandy ePump works to keep your swimming pool clean and helps keep down the cost of operation. If you have any questions regarding your Jandy ePump or any of the other Jandy swimming pool products, ask your local sales representative.

Pentair JWP Series Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Pentair JWP Series Above Ground Swimming Pool PumpPentair has been perfecting their swimming pool equipment for the past 40 years. They have an extensive line of heaters, filters, cleaners, lighting and pumps just to name a few. Choosing a swimming pool pump is just as important as choosing the filter system on your swimming pool. One of the premier selling above ground swimming pool pumps is the JWP Series. This pump series offers high performance for all shapes and sizes of above ground swimming pools and some smaller in ground swimming pools.

The Pentair JWP Series Pumps are easy to clean and provide easy access if maintenance or service is needed. This style of swimming pool pumps comes with an easy to remove clean view trap lid. Here you can see when the pump basket needs to be cleaned, you can clean it when it needs to be cleaned, and this will save you a lot of time. Just simply twist off the lid and you have access to a large sized strainer basket, empty the basket and replace, cleaning the basket will take seconds.

Choosing the right size pump is essential if you want to have a nice peaceful season without worrying if the pump is getting the job done. The JWP series offers 7 different types of pump categories, the JWP with a 3 Foot Cord/3 Prong Grounded Plug, 3 Foot Cord and NEC Twist Loc Plug, JWP without Cord, 2 Speed JWP with 3 Foot Cord/3 Prong Grounded Plug, 2 Speed JWP without Cord, JWP with 25 Foot Cord, Canopy and On and Off Switch and lastly the 50 HZ 5JWP Series Pump.

All of these pumps come with a 115 motor voltage except the 50 HZ 5JWP Series; they come with a 230-volt motor. The range of horsepower on all of these motors is ¾ to 1-1/2. The installation is simple and the pump can withstand even the hottest climate temperatures. There are accessories available on all models too; you have a choice of 3 Ft Cords, Elevated Pump Base Kits, Acrylic Traps and Union. These unions are sold as options but they would come in handy when it comes down to winterization.

All of the pumps are designed with a hydraulic design that will move even more water through the system with less energy. This design was created to help the swimming pool owner save money. This series pump has a typical installation and you should read the installation manual before installing, there are some manufacturers recommendation on installing you should know. Plus, you should read all of the warranty information as well, so if you do run into a problem you can rest easy knowing that your warranty is in effect.

Pentair has a complete line of above ground swimming pool pumps; the JWP Series is one of the best. Pentair is a recognized leader in the swimming pool industry and they have an excellent reputation. If you are looking to replace your old swimming pool pump or perhaps you are building a new swimming pool, the JWP Series is a great pump to have; it will provide a powerful operation by using less energy. The Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump can be found at your local swimming pool supply stores.

Jandy Stealth Swimming Pool Pump

Jandy Stealth Swimming Pool PumpJandy offers the very best in all of their products; they range from heaters, lighting, cleaners, filters and pumps. Without a quality swimming pool pump, you are going to have a lot of problems during the swimming pool season. Jandy is one of the leaders in the industry; they offer quality equipment that is energy efficient and high performance. Jandy has been around since the 1950’s, so they have made a name for themselves that swimming pool owners can trust. One of their premier selling swimming pool pumps is the Stealth Pump.

The Stealth Pump provides superior performance and great energy efficiency. This swimming pool pump uses the Jandy Quiet Technology. All Jandy pumps have the Quiet Technology, this design controls the flow dynamic inside the pump, and this will result in decreased noise and a quieter operation. Now your neighbors will not be disturbed your swimming pool pump. The Stealth Swimming Pool Pump was redesigned to make it more powerful and more efficient than ever before.

There are 3 categories to choose from under the Stealth Single Phase, Two Speed or Three Phase Pumps. All of these pumps come equipped with a large capacity basket; these baskets are the largest baskets in the industry today. They maximize the hydraulic flow by keeping in more debris, plus the system is easier to maintain since the basket doesn’t have to be emptied that often. The Stealth Pump offers high performance and this is due in part to the impeller and diffuser. The pump is powered with energy efficient motor that will save you 20% of your energy costs. The back plate design offers an easy way to maintain as well as service the Stealth.

Some of the design features of the Stealth are the Ergonomic Cam Lock Lid; this has easy to read aligning indicators. The pump has a seal plate also with an ergonomic handle that makes service easier than ever before. The design includes the standard energy efficient motor; the largest basket capacity as well as ¼ inch NPT drain plugs also ergonomically design so you won’t feel like your hands are burning while trying to take off the plugs. The pump comes with a 2 inch x 2-1/2 inch or 2-1/2 inch x 3-inch Quick Connect unions. The unit has a flared pump base that was designed for easy access anchoring.

The Jandy Stealth Pump gives you the power that you need to drive the in floor cleaning systems, spas and water features such as fountains and waterfalls. The Jandy Stealth Pumps are the more efficient Single Stage Pump available on the market today. These pumps are perfect for your swimming pool, spa or pool and spa combination.

Contact your local Jandy sales representative to find which Jandy Stealth Pump is best for you, choosing the right size pump is just as important as choosing a name you can trust. Jandy Stealth Pumps are energy efficient and they can only be efficient if you choose the right pump for your size swimming pool. You can find Jandy products at your local swimming pool supply store.

Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool PumpThe Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump is just one of many high quality swimming pool pumps designed by the innovative team at Hayward. One of the most important components to a clean swimming pool is the pump, there are hundreds of different models and brands out there but the Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump is one of the best.

This in ground swimming pool pump was designed with an advanced design and a high performance. The TriStar has qualities that swimming pool owners can rely on. One of these features is that this pump has the most energy efficient hydraulics and an innovative motor cooling design.

The TriStar is easy to set up and easy to install, this pump has been said to outperform other pool pumps when it comes to water flow, value and efficiency. Some of the key features offered on the Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump are the No Rib Basket; this basket design can guarantee easy debris and sediment removal. The basket was designed to hold extra leaves; this means that you will have more time in between basket cleanings. This pump also comes with a clear strainer cover; this comes in handy when it you want to see if the basket needs to be cleaned.

The Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump is a heavy-duty performance motor with a dynamic airflow design that brings a cooler operation to the pump. The design was created for the pool owner in mind, there is an easy to access service design, the power end assembly which contains the motor, impeller and diffuser is easy to remove without disturbing any of the plumbing or mounting connections. All you have to do is remove the 6 bolts and you are in.

The TriStar has a second base design includes, this will line up different types of plumbing such as Sta-Rite Max E Pro, Max E Glas, Dura Glas and Dura Glas II. Like the EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump, this pump also has higher flow rates that allow stepping down in the horsepower for a more affordable operating cost and less energy consumption. The pressure testable on this pump is 50 PSI. It is a self-priming pump with a suction lift up to 10 feet above the water level.

The Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump is perfect for all different shapes and sizes of in ground swimming pools, it also works well with in floor cleaning systems, heating systems and water features like fountains or waterfalls. The TriStar will work well with in ground spas or in ground swimming pool and spa combination’s.

There are Max Rated Models and Dual Speed Max Rated Models; there are 6 Max Rated Models with horsepower that ranges from 0.75 to 3. There are 3 different models for Dual Speed Max Rate, the horsepower ranges from 1.5 to 2.5. Each pump is designed for energy efficient and an affordable operation cost. You control how long the pump runs and at what speed. If you have any questions regarding the Hayward TriStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump, ask your local Hayward Sales Representative, you can find Hayward products at your local swimming pool supply store.

Hayward EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Hayward EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool PumpHayward has been in the swimming pool business for over 80 years. They have everything you need to keep your swimming pool up and running for many years to come. Hayward designs their products with the consumer and their swimming pools in mind. The Hayward inventory is broken up into two categories, products for above ground swimming pools and in ground swimming pools. The equipment Hayward provides for their in ground swimming pool owners are Safety Products, Lighting, Heat Pumps, Filters and Pumps just to name a few.

The Hayward Swimming Pool Pump line for In Ground swimming pools is one of the best in the world. With high performance and high quality, Hayward products are unmatched. One of these swimming pool pumps is the EcoStar; this swimming pool pump is the newest to the Hayward family. This environmentally friendly swimming pool pump is easy to use so a first time pool owner can use it. The pump has a digital control interface that is perceptive to operate and this display is mounted in a convenient location and the pump comes with a wall-mounted kit for the digital display.

The Hayward EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump has a built in diagnostic system that will alert the swimming pool owner to any problems that the pump may be having. The pump has an automatic priming protection as well as voltage and freezing protection to help prolong the life of your pool pump. When you run the EcoStar pool pump at the lower speeds, the water is pushed through the filter more effectively and more efficiently. This means that more debris and small particulates will be removed from the pool faster.

Some of the features and benefits of the EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump are the 2-inch x 2-1/2 inch CPVC union connections, these will offer a smoother and more efficient installation and if there is ever a time when you need service the access is easy. The basket design is a no rib design; this makes removing the dirt and debris from the basket easy and more precise. The unit also has been programmed with an auto priming capability; it has a suction lift that is rated up to 10 feet above the water level.

The EcoStar works best with all types and styles of in ground swimming pools and swimming pool and spa combinations. This pump works well with water features such as waterfalls and water fountains. This unit is completely programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock as well as 8 custom speeds and timer functions. Keeping your swimming pool up and running has never been easier.

The EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump from Hayward is Model Number SP3400VSP, this pump is rated for 600 to 3450 Rotations Per Minute. It is a Single Phase, 230 Volt Pump. There are no fancy adapters needed to operate this pump. Ask your Hayward sales representative any questions that you may have about the EcoStar or any of the other quality Hayward products. You can find Hayward products at your local swimming pool supply store. You can’t go wrong with a Hayward.