CROWN Mega Stor Indirect Water Heaters 2011

CROWN Mega Stor Indirect Water HeaterCROWN Boilers isn’t just boilers, serving residential and commercial applications since 1949, they have a competitive inventory of water heaters. One of these premier water heaters is the CROWN Mega Stor Indirect Water Heater. This exclusive water heater provides a large amount of hot water on demand, whether you are installing this water heater in your home, office or apartment building. The Mega Stor Water Heater is perfect for the hot water needs of many appliances such as the shower, washing machine and dishwasher. This water heater has an indirect heater for more energy efficiency. As the water is heating up, less energy is used without any sacrifice of the quality of hot water.

Some of the features offered on the CROWN Mega Stor Indirect Water Heater are the removable inspection cap. This was created to help gain access to the coil and tank in just seconds. There is also a factory installed drain at the bottom of the tank, which also provides for an easier flush out.

The Mega Stor also has a high performance Honeywell Aquastat, this allows for easier temperature adjustments when needed. This water heater was designed to deliver hot water fast, since the unit has a stainless steel tank and coil, it can transfer the heat through the tank more effectively and more efficiently.

Another feature when it comes to energy efficiency is the 2-inch think polystyrene foam insulation that provides hot water longer than other water heaters while the heater is on standby. The Mega Stor Water Heater keeps the water hot when you need it. This water heater does offer more gallons of water after an hour of operation than gas, oil or electric water heaters. The efficient water-heating coil that is installed in the system is powered by the heating capacity of your boiler system; this is how this unit is energy efficient.

The CROWN Mega Stor Indirect Water Heater has 7 different size water heaters, they range in size from 77,316 minimum output to 244,978 BTU’s. These water heaters are designed for high performance as well as made from high quality components. These water heaters are cost effective and can save you a lot of money in the long run. CROWN Boiler Co offers a stainless steel tank and coil, which provide protection against any leaks for as long as the original person who bought the water heater owns the unit. Read all of the enclosed warranty information provided before you install the CROWN Mega Stor Indirect Water Heater. CROWN Boiler Co offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heaters 2011

Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heaters 2011Bock Water Heaters started back in 1955, the original owner of the company invented the very first multi-finned flue system, which has been patented under the name Turboflue. The Turboflue can be found in Bock Water Heaters, the design is the most advanced in both efficient heat and providing hot water faster than the standard water heater. The Turboflue uses less energy while using less fuel and in turn will cut back on energy costs. Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heater has a lot of features that work together to bring to you one of the most effective water heaters on the market today.

The Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heater offers a Cglass design; this is exclusive to only Bock Water Heaters. It is a durable porcelain enamel glass that is used to line all of the tanks and the Turboflues. It is completely resistant to aggressive water and it provides a mix of fresh silica to enhance the quality of the performance. The Bock Oil Fired Water Heater is double pressure tested before being shipped out. The unit has a spring loaded inspection door, which provides easy access for inspection and maintenance. It also works like a pressure and relief valve.

Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heaters
Bock Water Heaters offers 8 different models in the Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heater Series. The BTU’s range from 60,000 per hour to 155,000 BTU’s per hour. These units all have Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves and Brass Drain Valves factory installed. All units also have Dual Magnesium Anode Rods to prevent corrosion. The Oil Fired Boilers have an accurate temperature control, you can choose from dual aquastats or operating and high limit as standards on your water heater.

The Bock Oil Fired Residential Water Heater Model 32E is a leader in the industry with an energy efficiency rating of .66 EF and a 180 gallons of water on the first delivery. The maximum temperature setting on any of these units are 160 degree Fahrenheit. The inlet pipe diameter is ¾ inch or 1 inch and the return pipe is, either ¾ inches, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inches or 2 inches.

Make sure that you read the installation instruction before you choose a location, it is not recommended that these water heaters be installed on combustible flooring, all installs should meet with all local and state recommendations. The recommended temperature setting is 120 degrees for normal residential installs. Bock offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty on residential installations.

Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

Whirlpool has been providing the United States with quality products since 1911. In the beginning, Whirlpool filled an order for 100 washing machines, when a mechanical failure occurred; the company took back all the machines and repaired them honestly and within a good time. Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water HeaterThe customer was very impressed that they ordered an additional 100 machines. Whirlpool cares about their products and more importantly they care about their customers. When it comes to home appliances, Whirlpool is one of the best in the industry.

Whirlpool has been in the home appliance industry for almost 100 years. They have everything a home needs from refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. If you have a water heater that is over 9 years old and is costing you money rather than saving you money, now may be the time to replace the old unit with a new Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater. This water heater is cost effective and will save you energy, plus you will have hot water when you need it without waiting a long time to get it.

Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater Review
One of these water heaters is the Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater Model ND50T122-403. This gas fired water heater is Energy Star rated and this means that you can almost guarantee the savings on energy and the cost of energy. This unit comes with the Whirlpool patented Flame Lock Safety System. This feature provides a less reduced risk of any accidental fires that result from escaping flammable vapors. The ND50T122-403 has a Push Button Pilot Light Igniter with a View Port. This makes it even easier to see and light the pilot without the use of matches.

The Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater has a 50-gallon capacity tank and it works well with homes with 5 or more people. The gas input is 40,000 BTU’s per hour. The energy factor rating is .067. This unit has a self-cleaning system, this will help keep the unit free of debris or build up that can cause problems down the road. This water heater measures in at 22 inches in diameter and 60.25 inches in height.

Choosing a water heater can be overwhelming; there are many different factors that you need to consider before choosing the right one. You should consider these factors when you decide on what water heater you want. Consider the gallon capacity the unit has or the unit that you want. Check out the energy factor rating on any unit you look at, you want a unit that is energy efficient without sacrificing any power.

Take a look at the recovery rate of the unit and how much the unit will cost you to run on a yearly basis. Warranty information is important, Whirlpool offers a 12 Year Limited Warranty. You can find the Whirlpool Energy Efficient 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater and other great Whirlpool Water Heaters at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store Locations.

Whirlpool EE350RO45V 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Before choosing a gas or electric water heater for your home, there are some factors that should be included in your decision. For example, what gallon capacity do you want your tank to have, what type of water heater, gas, liquid propane or electric.Whirlpool EE350RO45V 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Overall, the best water heater is one that is energy efficient and cost affordable. Whirlpool offers a variety of different water heaters; their premier selling water heaters are electric water heaters.

The Whirlpool 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater or Model EE350RDO45V is energy efficient and high performance units being sold today. This electric water heater offers a Self Diagnostic Electronic Control System; it has 4 different user-friendly operating modes. This unit offers energy saving as well as a monitoring system that allows you the homeowner to know if and when there is a problem.

The Whirlpool EE350RO45V 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater is a 50-gallon capacity tank and it is perfect for a home with a family of 3 or 4 people. The wattage used is 4500 and it has an energy factor rating of 0.93. This Whirlpool Electric Water Heater is equipped with a self-cleaning system; this will help with productivity and a long life cycle.

It is important as a consumer that you read all of the instructions and manuals that come with the unit before installing. It is also recommended that you have a qualified technician install your water heater, this will protect your warranty as well as provide the maximum amount of efficiency and productivity. Always make sure that you keep the original receipt as well.

Before installing your Whirlpool EE350RO45V 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater, you should choose a location that is near the middle of water piping system. This unit has to be installed indoors and with a vertical install. It is not recommended that this water heater be used to heat a spa or hot tub, it is to be used for residential hot water needs. The manufacturer recommends that this water heater not be installed with iron piping and do not use any valves, pumps or fittings that are not compatible with potable water.

Your water heater checklist should include a centrally located location with the water piping system. You should choose a location that will protect the unit from freezing temperatures and from any possible water damage. The drain pan should be installed and piped into a working drain and lastly, you need to provide a sufficient clearance to service the water heater if needed, this will save you time and money in the long run.

Though the Whirlpool EE350RO45V 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater is not an Energy Star model, it does offer an estimated yearly operating cost of $ 492.00. An estimated 4,622 kWh are used per year. These estimates are based on a national average of electrical costs. Whirlpool is offering a 12 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty on this water heater. The Whirlpool EE350RO45V 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater can be found at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement location.

Why does your gas hot water heater pilot keep going out?

GE 40 Gallon 4500 Watt Double Element Electric Water HeaterWhy your gas hot water heater pilot keeps going out can be caused by many reasons which will require troubleshooting to find the reason or, reasons why it is going out. Once the problem causing the pilot to go out has been corrected the pilot should stay lit and reliable water heating should return to your home.

One of the more common causes is a thermocouple which has failed. The thermocouple is a bimetal part that when placed in a pilot flame heats and produces a voltage which activates a magnet in the gas valve of the hot water heater. This valve allows the gas to flow to the pilot and main burner of the water heater shutting off if the pilot flame were to go out providing safety from what could be a deadly buildup of gas.

In some water heaters a thermopile may be used which provides a higher voltage that can actually operate an electronic control board. Some other water heaters also used a one time thermal fuse built into the thermocouple which could detect an event where the pilot flame burned higher due to flammable gas vapors in the air drawn into the water heater burner and shut the water heater down. Consult the manual for your water heater to determine what you have installed and how to troubleshoot the thermocouple.

Some of the other possible causes of a hot water heater pilot going out could include a weak magnet in the gas valve, improper or, intermittent gas pressure, lack of combustion air, and improper venting. Also on the newer Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) the pilot going out could be caused by an FVIR event or, a clogged flame arrestor, again consult your water heater manual for troubleshooting information.

Who makes GE hot water heaters?

 GE Geospring hot water heaterWho makes GE hot water heaters is a question many people wonder about. GE like many other companies offer a complete line of gas and electric water heaters which are sold at stores such as Home Depot. There are in reality only a few companies which actually manufacture water heaters in the US, with only about three major manufacturers, and their many subsidiaries making most of the hot water heaters.

Most of the companies such as GE, Kenmore, & Whirlpool, are selling labeled water heaters made by other companies. In the case of GE hot water heaters, most of their gas and electric hot water heater line is made by Rheem for them. There are some differences in the GE hot water heaters from the water heaters in the Rheem line to satisfy the requirements of the companies GE is selling to, such as Home Depot. These minor changes are often made to meet a price point that Home Depot wanted to meet for a sales advantage. Do not assume that the GE water heater sold at Home Depot is the exact same unit that Rheem is selling, the specifications will have minor differences.

The GE Hybrid Electric Water Heater which uses a combination of heat pump technology coupled with electric elements to heat the water has some of them assembled in a GE Appliance Park Facility located in Louisville, Kentucky with components made by other companies.