Hayward EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Hayward EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool PumpHayward has been in the swimming pool business for over 80 years. They have everything you need to keep your swimming pool up and running for many years to come. Hayward designs their products with the consumer and their swimming pools in mind. The Hayward inventory is broken up into two categories, products for above ground swimming pools and in ground swimming pools. The equipment Hayward provides for their in ground swimming pool owners are Safety Products, Lighting, Heat Pumps, Filters and Pumps just to name a few.

The Hayward Swimming Pool Pump line for In Ground swimming pools is one of the best in the world. With high performance and high quality, Hayward products are unmatched. One of these swimming pool pumps is the EcoStar; this swimming pool pump is the newest to the Hayward family. This environmentally friendly swimming pool pump is easy to use so a first time pool owner can use it. The pump has a digital control interface that is perceptive to operate and this display is mounted in a convenient location and the pump comes with a wall-mounted kit for the digital display.

The Hayward EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump has a built in diagnostic system that will alert the swimming pool owner to any problems that the pump may be having. The pump has an automatic priming protection as well as voltage and freezing protection to help prolong the life of your pool pump. When you run the EcoStar pool pump at the lower speeds, the water is pushed through the filter more effectively and more efficiently. This means that more debris and small particulates will be removed from the pool faster.

Some of the features and benefits of the EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump are the 2-inch x 2-1/2 inch CPVC union connections, these will offer a smoother and more efficient installation and if there is ever a time when you need service the access is easy. The basket design is a no rib design; this makes removing the dirt and debris from the basket easy and more precise. The unit also has been programmed with an auto priming capability; it has a suction lift that is rated up to 10 feet above the water level.

The EcoStar works best with all types and styles of in ground swimming pools and swimming pool and spa combinations. This pump works well with water features such as waterfalls and water fountains. This unit is completely programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock as well as 8 custom speeds and timer functions. Keeping your swimming pool up and running has never been easier.

The EcoStar In Ground Swimming Pool Pump from Hayward is Model Number SP3400VSP, this pump is rated for 600 to 3450 Rotations Per Minute. It is a Single Phase, 230 Volt Pump. There are no fancy adapters needed to operate this pump. Ask your Hayward sales representative any questions that you may have about the EcoStar or any of the other quality Hayward products. You can find Hayward products at your local swimming pool supply store. You can’t go wrong with a Hayward.

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  1. I have a hayward sp3400vsp pump, i have a problem the code: drive error: pump has
    stalled ,came on an pump will not run i’ve checked wiring connections look good we have power, impeller is not jammed it spins freely . you go to turn it on an the motor just jerks for a sec.then the code: drive error comes on. any help would be appreciated.

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