Hayward H-Series Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater Review

Hayward has been in the swimming pool business for over 80 years. Hayward offers an extensive line of Inground and Above Ground filters, heat pumps, automatic pool cleaners, pumps and heaters. Hayward H-Series Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater ReviewMore homeowners are trying to get the most of the swimming pool season and one way to do that is to extend the amount of time you can use the pool. By installing a Hayward H-Series Heater for your Above Ground swimming pool is a great place to start. Swimming pool heaters used to cost homeowners more money on energy costs; the Hayward H-Series offers energy efficiency and an easy to use heater.

By using the H-Series Above Ground Heater along with Hayward pumps and filters, you can have not just a crystal clear swimming pool but also a pool that offers the right temperature for swimming when the temperature outside isn’t perfect. With the H-Series Heater, your kids will no longer have to wait until the sun comes up or for the temperature to rise to enjoy a day of swimming. The H-Series Heater offers a 100,000 BTU input for any size or shape above ground swimming pool or spa. The energy efficiency of the H-Series is 81% thermal and it units utilizes the heat that comes from each BTU.

This swimming pool heater is environmentally friendly and has a low NOx emissions. This pool heater uses Hayward’s own FireTile Combustion Chamber; this chamber was designed to provide quick heating to your swimming pool or spa. Some heaters burn out after a few seasons, but the H-Series has jet-ported burners that prolong the life of the heater and also provides for easy maintenance. The unit has a built in one piece copper header heat exchanger that offers a leak free operation which contributes to the energy efficiency.

The Hayward H-Series Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater has a cool to the touch design so parents will not have to worry about kids or pets burning their hands. There are no fancy electrical requirements needed, just a simple 120 volt electrical cord. The unit is also compact and weighs a mere 72 pounds. The H-Series Heater is a gas or liquid propane heater. There are two different models in the H-Series, the H100ID1 is for natural gas and the H100IDP1 is for Propane. The Propane heater has two ways of installation, the deluxe installation that includes a 120-gallon capacity tank, which is about 5 times more than the standard 100-pound tank.

The amount of gallons burned per hour is 1.1 and the running time is about 103 hours. The basic installation has a 100 pound propane cylinder with a 23-1/2 gallons of propane burned at 1.1 per hour and a running time of 15 hours. If you decide on liquid propane and have questions about which installation to choose, ask your Hayward sales representative, they are there to answer any questions you may have regarding the H-Series Heater or any of the other great Hayward Swimming Pool products. You can find Hayward Products at any of your local swimming pool supply stores.

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