Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter System

Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter SystemHayward offers an extensive line of swimming pool filters; they have filters for in ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. One of their premier selling above ground swimming pool filters is the Pro Series Top Mount Systems. What makes this above ground swimming pool heater a step above the rest is that this filter features an integral top diffuser that works to distribute unfiltered water and sand evenly over the sand media bed. This process allows the maximum filtration possible to cover as much of the swimming pool as possible. The Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter System has a self-cleaning under drain assembly that has 360 degrees of slotted laterals, this system will provide a faster and more balanced flow of clear water back into your swimming pool.

There are 5 different sizes of the Pro Series Swimming Pool Filter available. The model you choose would depend on what size your swimming pool is. The S144T is a 14 inch filter that is perfect for smaller size swimming pools; it has a PowerFlo LX Series High Performance Pump and a One Piece Base. The S166T is a 16 inch filter, it has the same features as the S144T but this filter works best on larger size pools and most above ground swimming pools.

Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter System
The S180T is an 18 inch filter best used on high powered as well as high capacity systems and larger above ground swimming pools. The S210T is a 20 inch filter, this filter is a bigger filter and pump system and it provides maximum filtration for large above ground pools and smaller in ground pools. Lastly, the S230T is a 23 inch filter; this filter is the ultimate system for larger above ground swimming pools and small in ground swimming pools.

Some of the specifications of the Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter System are the filter type, this is a high rated sand that is required, the Number 2 Silica Sand the size is .45mm-.55mm. The filter tank is made from a durable molded polymeric material. There are 7 different valve positions available on the Pro Series, Filter, Backwash, Waste, Re-Circulate, Rinse, Closed and Winter. Each filter is rated slightly higher than the next, for example, Model Number S144T has an effective filtration area of 1.07 square feet, a design flow rate of 25 gallons per minute.

The larger filter Model Number S210T has an effective filtration area of 2.20 square feet and a 44 gallons per minute flow rate. You should know how many gallons your swimming pool is before ordering. If you are not sure, your Hayward sales representative can help you.

The Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter System provides easy access to the inside components, if your filter needs service or just simple maintenance you can cut back on the amount of time and money it may take if you used another type of swimming pool filter. You can find the Hayward Pro Series Top Mount Filter System anyplace you purchase your swimming pool supplies.

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