Jandy LXi Swimming Pool Heater

Jandy is one of the world leaders when it comes to swimming pool heaters and swimming pool equipment. One of the bets of the best of the Jandy Pool Heater products is the LXi, which has been dubbed the Next Generation in Heating Technology. The Jandy LXi Swimming Pool Heater contains the most advanced features such as the superior hydraulic design as well as the lightest yet the strongest materials. This swimming pool heater was made to last. There are four main concepts that make the LXi one of the best heaters on the market today.

Compact, the Jandy LXi is the easiest swimming pool heater to install, this heater is about 33% lighter than most heaters and it has a 15% smaller footprint than other heaters, which provides more flexibility for installation. The second thing is Powerful; the LXi header was designed to improve the efficiency of the entire circulation system. The offset plumbing as well as the 2-inch universal unions does provide more flexibility for a more direct connection.

Reliable, this heater has a low NOx fan assisted combustion system; this makes the unit environmentally friendly. It also comes with a Hot Surface Ignition System that offers maximum performance every time. Lastly, Efficient, with the factory installed C-Fin Heat Exchanger; this heater was designed for low operating costs but greater savings. All of the models in the LXi Series have an advanced digital control system.

The control system is operator friendly and it has a built in backlit display. The system uses one touch automation. This is a great way to keep control of the temperature settings and if you need to make any adjustments it is just that easy. The unit comes with freeze protection and the exclusive Jandy Maintain Temp function. There is a built in automation swimming pool and spa switch and if you want there are additional control panels that can be used in the home or pool side.

Choosing the right Jandy LXi Swimming Pool Heater is important, if you choose something that is too small, you are not going to warm the water up efficiently and it is going to cost you money. If you buy a larger heater, then you would also be wasting energy, which results in wasting money. There are three different models available, the 250,000 BTU, 300,000 BTU and the 400,000 BTU LXi Heater. Jandy has a Pool Sizing Chart available on their website which tell you the specs depending on Temperature Difference, between the air during the coldest month that you run the heater and what your desired swimming pool temperature.

Jandy works to provide their customers with the right size heaters so they pool owners can have a comfortable, affordable experience with their heaters. Now may be the time to get rid of that old heater that is barely heating your pool but burning up your money. The Jandy LXi Series Heaters can properly heat up your swimming pool and save you money. Contact your local Jandy dealer for more information on the LXi Swimming Pool Heater System, you can find Jandy products at your local swimming pool supply store.

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