KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet

KOHLER Archer Bathroom FaucetKOHLER has a wide inventory of products; one room in the house where you spend a good amount of time in is the bathroom. Why shouldn’t your bathroom just as nice and well designed as the rest of the house? The KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet is a great way to start. Having a nice dependable yet stylish bathroom fixture is a good place to start your bathroom transformation. The KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet is an affordable and modern way to keep your bathroom functioning.

Having a good faucet is essential in a bathroom, good hygiene depends on it. The Archer Design Faucet is available in Polished Chrome and Vibrant Brushed Nickel. Model Number K-11075-4; add a CP or BN after the model number depending on if you choose the Chrome Polished or the Bushed Nickel. This bathroom faucet is a 4-inch center design with two handles. The faucet has the KOHLER ceramic disc valve design that exceeds the industry longevity standards for a lifetime. KOHLER faucets are high quality and high performance; you can actually save money and time by installing an Archer Bathroom Faucet.

Both the Polished Chrome and the Vibrant Brushed Nickel finishes are rust and corrosion and tarnish proof, they have a fluid design line for easier cleaning. Always test your cleaning solution on an area that is not too visible, just in case the cleaner does not work well with the finish. Then wipe the surfaces clean and rinse with water right after applying the cleaner, do not let the cleaner sit on the finish. Use only a soft, dampened sponge or cloth, do not use scouring pads or anything abrasive to clean your faucet, you could scratch it.

With this faucet you can have a long life faucet and it will look like new even after a few years. The KOHLER Archer Bathroom Faucet is a brass construction with brass valve bodies. The waterway is cast brass and it has a quarter turn washerless ceramic valves, which offers no leaking, efficient bathroom faucet.

The Archer comes with a pop up drain with tailpiece and a 4-inch pout reach and a 4-inch center. The spout does not rotate and the faucet does offer a 1.5 gallons per minute maximum flow rate. This design is EPA WaterSense as well as ADA Compliant. The KOHLER WaterSense System is a water saving system that works in conjunction with the EPA. This program does help promote water efficient products and programs available all across the United States.

Not only are you getting a dependable bathroom faucet but a water-conserving faucet as well. KOHLER offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their faucets. Make sure that you read all of the enclosed warranty information before installing your new sink faucet. KOHLER is a name you can trust with your entire kitchen and bathroom needs. You can find this KOHLER products and other sin your local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement Locations.

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