LG Washers Eligible for Appliance Stimulus Package Rebates

When it comes to choosing a washing machine, you want to choose one that is energy efficient, Energy Star Rated, cost effective and reliable. energy efficient washing machineLG Washers Eligible for Appliance Stimulus Package Rebates There are many different brands out there to choose from but there is one brand that stands out, LG. LG or Life’s Good has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high quality appliances. When you choose an LG washing machine you are getting a high performance, money saving, energy efficient machine.

What sets the LG Washers apart from the rest is that they were designed with advanced technology which was put into the washer’s features. For example, the LG Washers have options that are designed to save you money on your energy bills. One of these energy saver features is the high speed spin cycle. The LG Washers are set to spin at 1300 RPM’s. If you can’t imagine how fast that is, imagine your clothes being close to dry when you take them from the washer. This will also cut down on the gas and energy you are using when you dry your clothes.

LG Washers Eligible for Appliance Stimulus Package Rebates

Another one of the energy saver features on just some of the LG models is a factory installed water heating element. By using an LG washer you can use about 44% less water than your old washing machine. Plus on these washers, by the time the hot water gets to the washer it may be close to being at full capacity. Some LG models carry the SenseClean feature which is exclusive to LG. With the SenseClean Mode, it actually measures the water’s turbulence and then the machine will adjust the water as well as the cycle length for a more accurate cleaning and it will also maximize the energy efficiency of the machine.

LG offers Steam Washers as well; these machines use less water and have exceptional cleaning power. These machines can eliminate over 95% of every day allergens found in your home. These allergens include pollen, dust mites and even pet dander. You could say that these Steam Washers can help members of the household who have breathing problems, breathe a bit better. These machines also offer a Wash and rinse Optimizer; this feature will also automatically sense the hardness of the water as well as the detergent level and adjust itself to the appropriate cycle length.

LG offers many different models as well as sizes. If you do not have a large household then you may want to choose a smaller size washer and if you do have a larger family then a larger capacity washer would be best. Choosing the right size washing machine also can help save you money on water and on your energy bills too.

LG Washers are all Energy Star rated and with the blue star logo you know you are getting a machine that will get your clothes clean as well as save you money. If you are looking to replace that old washer with a new one, then LG washers are a great investment. You will start seeing the savings right away. You can find LG Washers anywhere appliances are sold.

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