Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Marathon Water Heaters have been in business for over 20 years. Marathon has three business ethics; one is to build a water heater that can offer a true Lifetime Warranty.Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater The second one is that they manufacture the most energy efficient water heaters available and lastly, that they keep the units installation friendly by having the water heaters lightweight and easy to connect. Some of the advantages of the Marathon Electric Water Heater is that the unit is the most durable water heater made today with a super warranty to match.

The Marathon Electric Water Heaters comes with replaceable brass drain valves, high temperature dip tubes which are commercial grade; this will help prolong the life of your water heater. If you are in the market for a new water heater, the Marathon 40 gallon Electric Water Heater is one of Marathon’s premier water heaters.

Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heaters are fabricated with advanced technology; this water heater come with a vacuum relief valve, ¾ inch brass tee, ¾ brass nipples and the unit is set up for easy installation. Since the Marathon 40 Gallon Water Heater is an electric water heater the unit runs in conduit for an easy connection. The tank itself is made from a molded polybutene material. Unlike the other electric water heaters there is no anode rod, since the unit is corrosion as well as rust proof.

The Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater comes with Envirofoam; this is an energy efficient insulation that is CFC and HCFC free which means that there is no ozone depleting gases. These tanks include 4 feet of pipe insulation and a filament wound fiberglass outer tank that is designed with more flexibility and these units are able to withstand more pressure than other water heaters.

These water heaters have a one of a kind low watt density coated elements, as well as oversize element parts for easy sediment removal. Some of the specifications of the 40 Gallon Water Heater is that it has a first hour rating of 52 gallons with a 21 gallon per hour rate with a 90 degree rise.

The Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater comes pre-wired for 240 volts AC with a single phase wiring. The water heater comes with a 40 gallon tank, Temperature and Pressure Valve with heat traps. The clearances are 3-1/2 inches to the height of the water connections. Marathon Water Heater recommends that you read all of the energy costs on the yellow Energy Guide.

Homeowners are looking to save money anyway they can, now may be the time to take a look around your house and see which appliances are costing you money. If your water heater is over 10 to 15 years old, you may want to consider replacing it with a new more energy efficient model. The Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater may just be what you are looking for. Contact your Marathon Water Heater Sales Representative for more information.

Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater

Rheem is one of the most well-known names when it comes to heating your home. One of their more popular items is the Water Heater.Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater One of the newest water heaters to the Rheem family is the Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater. This water heater was created with energy efficiency in mind. It is part of the highest efficiency classes on water heaters. It is also Energy Star rated; this means that you can almost guarantee that you will see money savings on a monthly as well as a yearly basis.

According to the Department of Energy and the United States Protection Agency, just by changing from a traditional electric water heater to a heat pump water heater you could save an average of $ 300 a year. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend that kind of money on something else besides a water heater that is working overtime to bring you hot water? Since the Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater is new to the market, it has been a popular choice of electric water heater.

The Rheem Company has been in business since the early 1920’s and they have been growing ever since, with innovative technology Rheem is the number one in heating appliances for a reason. The Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater has some really great features. One of these features is that the heat pump water heater is a top mounted water heater ; the heat pump will remove the warm air out of the ambient air that encases the water heater and pumps that air back into the system. The heat pump will take away the cold air from the bottom of the unit and then re-circulate it back into your home.

The system comes with a 50 gallon tank, a resistored anode rod protection which prevents corrosion and sediment build up. The heat pump water heater itself is encases in a 2-1/2 inch Non CFC Foam Insulation, this will help keep the heat in the tank when the tank is in standby. The first hour delivery on this unit is 67 gallons per minute. Rheem offers a 10 Year Limited Warranty as well. The Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater offers three different settings, the Energy Saver which is the most energy efficient, the Normal Setting which will work with the heat pump and a backup element. Then we have the Electric Setting, this setting is the least efficient since it uses two elements to operate.

The Energy Saver Rating on this unit is 2.0 which means that it does qualify for the Federal Tax Credit. By applying for this tax credit you can save 30% on up to $ 1500 on your purchase. You will need the original receipt as well as a Manufacturer’s Certification Statement; this certifies that the Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater does indeed qualify for the tax credit. You can get this statement on from the manufacturer’s website or by calling their customer service line.

You must file the IRS Form 5695 and include the attached receipts and statements. To receive the tax credit, the Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater must be installed by December 31, 2010. Contact your local Rheem Sales Representative for more information and with any questions that you may have.

Bradford White Defender Water Heater Review

Bradford White is one of the most respected names in the water heater industry. They have a complete line of products that are energy efficiency and cost effective to operate. One of the premier water heaters Bradford White has to offer is the Defender Series Water Heater.Bradford White Defender Water Heater The Defender is a FVIR System, FVIR stands for Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant. This water heater system is considered to be the best one on the market today. The FVIR System is actually a safety system designed for the gas water heaters, the system will prevent the water heater from turning into an igniting source for vapors that may spill over.

The Defender Water Heater contains a sensor device that is able to sense if the flame on the boiler is too high, overheating or even if it is lacking in the proper amount of combustion air. In addition to having a boiler that is energy efficient and cost effective, a boiler with these safety features is a great investment. Since 2003, all gas fired water heaters with tank sizes 30, 40 and 50 gallons are required to have the FVIR protection.

The Bradford White Defender Water Heater System is considered to be an Atmospheric Vent Water Heater. These systems are available in 75 or 100 gallon tanks. The Defender Water Heater System comes equipped with a Sight Window; this will allow the operator a look see into the combustion chamber. You will be able to see the burner and the igniter system. It gives the homeowner a great view into seeing the water heater at work. The Sight Glass feature is perfect for troubleshooting and if there is a problem then you can take care of it before it becomes a larger problem.

The tank is protected by a Vitraglas Lining; this will help protect the Defender from any sediments or corrosion that may attack your water heater over time. The Vitraglas Lining will help prolong the life of your water heater. The tank is also insulated with a 1” Non CFC Foam Insulation. The foam is used to insulate the water heater on standby which will conserve energy while the water heater is not in use. The Bradford white Defender Water Heater comes with a factory installed 100% Complete Automatic Control System. The controls include an automatic temperature selection board. Now you can choose and adjust the water heater temperature with ease and accessibility.

The unit comes with a factory installed energy shut off switch, this will stop any high water temperatures from setting in. the Defender uses a built in gas pressure regulator and a factory installed Hydro Jet Total Performance System. The system was created to help decrease the amount of deposits that from the cold water inlet. This system will also help the increase of the delivery of water in the first hour.

If you are looking to replace that old water heater that has been costing you money on a monthly basis, now is the time to start looking for a new replacement. The Bradford White Defender Boiler is reliable, dependable and has everything that you could want and more in a water heater. Contact your local Bradford White Sales Representative with any questions you may have about the Defender or other Bradford White Water Heaters.

Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Review

Triangle Tube has been providing boilers and water heaters since 1946. The company was one of the first boiler manufacturers to use stainless steel in their fabrication.Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Review Their boiler section is impressive with many different models and sizes to choose from. The Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler is a premier seller in the Triangle Boilers inventory. This compact boiler is a Modulating Condensing Boiler that is wall mounted making for more flexibility for installation. The Prestige Boilers are high quality and energy efficient. The energy efficiency rating on these boilers is 95%. These boilers offer very low NOx emissions thereby making this boiler environmentally friendly.

You can expect some great features and specifications when you purchase your own Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler. The Solo Series are available in 5 different models. Each one was created for every heating application imaginable. The BTU range on these boilers start at 60,000 to 399,000 BTU’s per hour. These modulating condensing boilers are designed for heating applications only. They are also designed to adjust to making a separate domestic hot water zone; you would only need to add an Indirect Water Heater to the system.

Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Review
The Prestige Excellence Series has one model available, the 110; this boiler has a factory installed indirect water heater tank for the domestic hot water. This boiler is also rated with a 95% AFUE. One of the most efficient components of the Prestige Series Boilers is the Modulating Burner. This factory installed boiler can modulate from 25% to 100% of the rated output from the boiler. This component allows the boiler to provide your home with the proper heating needs without a short cycle which will decrease the efficiency of the system.

The Modulating Burner is designed to combine the fuel and the air through a variable speed blower before traveling to the burner. This makes for a cleaner burn and a more energy efficient boiler system. The flue gases in the Prestige Series Boilers are used to preheat the water that is returning to the boiler. The gases will releases latent heat of the steam into the hot flue gases and the system will condense the water.

The Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boilers also come with a digital display module, operating control system, ignition controls, modulating temperature control and a high temperature limit protection. Also included are the two pump control system, outdoor reset and a domestic hot water priority. The heat exchanger is made from a 439 stainless steel which will help fight against corrosion, prolonging the life of your boiler.

Since the efficiency of these boilers is 95%, they qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. You can receive the tax credit by attaching IRS Form 5695 along with your original receipt and the Manufacturers Certification Statement. You will also have to install the system no later than December 31, 2010 to qualify for the credit. The Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler also qualifies for a grant from the Weatherization Assistance Program, where you can receive up to $ 6500 in grants. Now is the time to start saving money on your home heating needs, the Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boilers can provide you with the heat that you need at a price you can afford

Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Review

One of the most unique Hybrid Water Heaters is the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater. What makes this hybrid water heater so different from the rest? Eternal Hybrid Water Heater The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater takes the best features and qualities from a tankless water heater and a tank water heater. The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater was first created back in 2006 and it was introduced to the industry by Grand Hall Enterprises. Grand Hall has been in business since 1985 and the Grand Hall USA division is located in Dallas Texas.

The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is a tank style water heater but is has a very large burner design like a tankless unit. This hybrid water heater has a large surface area for the heat exchanger; this will help maximize the amount of heat that is available when the heat comes from the flue gases. The tank will then take the stored water and deliver when you need it. Once all of the hot water in the tank has been used, the tankless water heater function kicks in and an endless supply of hot water is then used. The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater can bring 9.4 gallons per minute with a 45 degree Fahrenheit rise and at an 80 degrees rise the hybrid water heater will deliver 5.2 gallons per minute.

The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is BTU rated from 47,500 to 236,000. This system also has a multi pass heat exchanger. This will bring out the heat and then it will pass through 44 baffled stainless steel pipes which maximize heat transfer and this will help keep the unit energy efficient and cost effective.

The energy efficiency rating of this unit is 86%. It also is considered a clean burning water heater and environmentally friendly. There are very little if any greenhouse emissions. It is a self-cleaning unit and this will help save you money on repairs and upkeep. It is very important to read your manuals so you can utilize all of the features to help you save as much as you can on a monthly but on a yearly basis as well.

There are two models in the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Series, the GU-20 and the GU-26. Both are energy efficient and cost effective. These water heaters do qualify for the Federal Tax Credit. On your Tax Returns due no later than April 15, 2011, you must include the IRS Form 5695 as well as the original receipt and the Manufacturers Certification Statement. You can find this statement on the manufacturer’s website or by calling their customer service number.

To qualify for this tax credit, the Hybrid Water Heater must be installed no later than December 31, 2010. This tax credit is to be used on your principal residences, second home qualify but new constrictions and rental properties do not. You can save 30% of up to $ 1500 if you take the credit. Not only would you be getting a water heater that delivers hot water when you need it but it will save you money on your water and energy bills. For additional savings you will receive 30% off of the purchase. How could you go wrong?

GE Heat Pump Water Heater

GE has been serving the world with their high quality and high performance appliances for over 80 years. GE is one of the largest appliance companies in the world today.GE Heat Pump Water HeaterGE Heat Pump Water Heater They have everything you need from refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves and even water heaters. You may not realize how much you need a water heater until the one you have breaks down. Think about how much hot water you use on a daily basis; now think how old your current water heater is and how much money it is costing you. GE not only has an impressive water heater inventory but they offer the energy efficient Heat Pump Water Heater.

One of their premier units is the GEH50DNSRSA Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Pump Water Heater. This is one of GE’s newest products, it was introduced in November of 2009 and it is considered to be one of the highest efficiency water heaters on the market today. This innovative hybrid water heater is Energy Star rated, this means that you will start to see monthly savings on your energy and water bills right from the start. The United States EPA and the Department of Energy state that by installing the GEH50DNSRSA Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Pump Water Heater you can save an average of $ 3,200 in 10 years or $320 on a yearly basis.

GE Heat Pump Water Heater Review
What makes the hybrid heat pump water heaters differ than the more traditional water heaters is that this system will take out the warmth from the ambient air that surrounds the water heater and pump it back into the system. The GEH50DNSRSA will then remove the cold air that emanates from the bottom of the unit and pass it through the heat pump water to heat up. There are some great features of the GEH50DNSRSA Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Pump Water Heater. One of them is that it has 4 different energy efficient settings.

The eHeat Mode is the most energy efficient; it uses only 550 watts of power to operate the heat pump while other electric water heaters use 4500 watts. Then there is the Hybrid Mode, this is used as the water heater combines the energy efficiency of the eHeat Mode and the recovery speed of the electric setting. There is a High Demand Mode; this should be used when you use hot water the most. Most people tend to use hot water more in the morning and night. Simply readjust the setting to get the most efficiency of the water heater.

Then there is the Electric only Mode, this is the least efficient since it uses 4500 watts of energy to run but you will notice that you will get hot water faster. The GEH50DNSRSA Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Pump Water Heater does qualify for the Federal Tax Credit. Simply download the IRS Form 5695 and fill out. You will also the Manufacturers Certification Statement and the original receipt. The Manufacturers Certification Statement can be found on the manufacturer’s website or you can call their customer service to find out the fastest way to receive it. You must also install your Heat Pump Water Heater by December 31, 2010.