Best Way to Unclog Your Toilet

You’ve probably seen plenty of videos on the internet on how to unclog your toilet. Today, we’re going to show you the difference between using a plunger and something called a toilet (oma?). You can buy either of these inside of Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, or your favorite hardware store or old ones or in any of your hardware stores. Now traditionally, once your toilet overflows, you have a problem and you can’t unclog it.

The traditional method is to use a plunger, and I’m going to put my snake down here for a second, and you use a plunger. Now, what you’re going to do, you always lift your toilet seat while plunging so it doesn’t get all messy.

It may not be messy now, but a lot of people may be in a panic and it overflow and realize the seat may be disgusting. So, what you will want to do is lift up your toilet seat like this and the second thing you want to do is take the base of the plunger and you want to cover the hole in your toilet and that is a very important part of plunging.

A lot of people stick it in there and they’re plunging, and they’re not covering the entire whole on the bottom of the toilet and what happens is they’re not pushing it effectively. So, Robert’s going to zoom in here, and he’s going to show you how to plunge the toilet. So basically, you take your plunger and you stick it right in your toilet like this, and you’re going to plunge in an up and down motion. One, two, three, four, okay and then your flush the toilet and as it’s flushing you want to do the same thing and you will want to plunge it like this, and you will notice your toilet will drain.

Okay, so now let’s say there’s more of a descruction inside your toilet okay and you get the general idea and you want to use something here called a toilet armor, and what this does it’s going to work a snake down to the trap inside your toilet bowl. Now, on the side of your toilet bowl there, there’s a little extract, and we’ll explain that in other videos because this is a huge website and we don’t want to arm you with too much information at once. Okay, and we’ll show you in other videos that there’s a trap inside the toilet that sometimes gets clogged.

So, what we’ll do is this little stick here is going to go inside of the toilet and we’re going to work this handle and that’s going to clear this out for you. So, what you want to do is you’re going to take this snake, stick this as far as you can into the toilet, into the center hole, and you’re going to start working your snake down into the hole just like this. As you turn this handle, the snake is going to go inside the toilet trapped and cleaning it out and then you keep working it just like this. Alright, and there you go, and then as you can see, you pull it out just like this, and then you just keep turning it and then you will clear this out.

Alright, just like that. If you have any questions or how to even install a toilet bowl and unclog your toilet bowl, or how to use the toilet logger, leave a comment or check out the forums.

Adjusting The Gas Hot Water Heater Temperature

Today I’m going to show you how to adjust your gas water heater. Now a lot of people turn their water heater down during the summer time because they come in from working on the lawn, or they do something crazy like that and they’re like the shower is too hot, so the way they save some energy in the summertime is to lower their water heater.

Now that the winter season is here, and it’s cold out there, and you’re moving groceries around in the car, and then coming in you want a nice, hot shower to keep you warm. So what you want to do is you want to go over to your hot water heater and you will see there is a dial in front of it while on that dial you will see settings A,B,C.

Now, you may be on the C setting, which is the cold setting for the summertime, so what you want to do is turn the dial to the B position which will give you that 10 degree range of hot water. Don’t put it under the A position unless you have a temperature gauge and that might give you water that could scold you. So, always make sure you keep it in mid-range and not on the low position.

How To Shut The Water Main Shut Off Valve

Okay, so let’s say you’re installing a faucet, pipes, or anything like that, always know how to shut off your water mainline. Okay, this is called your water meter and it’s located in your basement or somewhere in your house. If you have a basement, or you live in the southern states like North Carolina or Louisianna, it’s probably tucked into a wall and even on the side of an access panel.

You might know where that is, or even in a special closet, but once you shut down your water meter, you will see a valve right here, and this valve is the water coming in or the water coming in from the street.

What you want to do is turn this valve clockwise, take that, and what that will do is hold the water that is coming in from the street and this is the water meter and what it will do is shut all the water off from the house and what you want to do is slowly turn this all the way down to the clockwise position and that will shut the water main in your house. So if there are any questions, subscribe to the video channel or go to

How To Hook Up Your Washing Machine

Hooking up a washing machine will take under an hour of time if you are educated in the process of installing the water and drain lines. Every washing machine requires a hot and a cold water supply. Some older houses will have a set of boiler drains and shower els that will supply and feed the hot and cold water to your washing machine.

The drain line needs to go inside of the soap stack so it can drain into the washing machine line P trap.

How To Adjust Your Gas Hot Water Heater Thermostat

Adjusting Your water heater temperature can be accomplished in a few minutes if you know what you are looking for on the gas water heater you are trying to adjust. On the front of electric and gas water heaters is an adjustment dial that will allow you to turn up and also lower the temperature of the water heater. For example on most Bradford White water heaters you will have an A B & C setting.

You can use these letters to control the output temperature on your gas water heater. In this video below Joseph shows you how to adjust the dial on your gas water heater.