Pentair JWP Series Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Pentair JWP Series Above Ground Swimming Pool PumpPentair has been perfecting their swimming pool equipment for the past 40 years. They have an extensive line of heaters, filters, cleaners, lighting and pumps just to name a few. Choosing a swimming pool pump is just as important as choosing the filter system on your swimming pool. One of the premier selling above ground swimming pool pumps is the JWP Series. This pump series offers high performance for all shapes and sizes of above ground swimming pools and some smaller in ground swimming pools.

The Pentair JWP Series Pumps are easy to clean and provide easy access if maintenance or service is needed. This style of swimming pool pumps comes with an easy to remove clean view trap lid. Here you can see when the pump basket needs to be cleaned, you can clean it when it needs to be cleaned, and this will save you a lot of time. Just simply twist off the lid and you have access to a large sized strainer basket, empty the basket and replace, cleaning the basket will take seconds.

Choosing the right size pump is essential if you want to have a nice peaceful season without worrying if the pump is getting the job done. The JWP series offers 7 different types of pump categories, the JWP with a 3 Foot Cord/3 Prong Grounded Plug, 3 Foot Cord and NEC Twist Loc Plug, JWP without Cord, 2 Speed JWP with 3 Foot Cord/3 Prong Grounded Plug, 2 Speed JWP without Cord, JWP with 25 Foot Cord, Canopy and On and Off Switch and lastly the 50 HZ 5JWP Series Pump.

All of these pumps come with a 115 motor voltage except the 50 HZ 5JWP Series; they come with a 230-volt motor. The range of horsepower on all of these motors is ¾ to 1-1/2. The installation is simple and the pump can withstand even the hottest climate temperatures. There are accessories available on all models too; you have a choice of 3 Ft Cords, Elevated Pump Base Kits, Acrylic Traps and Union. These unions are sold as options but they would come in handy when it comes down to winterization.

All of the pumps are designed with a hydraulic design that will move even more water through the system with less energy. This design was created to help the swimming pool owner save money. This series pump has a typical installation and you should read the installation manual before installing, there are some manufacturers recommendation on installing you should know. Plus, you should read all of the warranty information as well, so if you do run into a problem you can rest easy knowing that your warranty is in effect.

Pentair has a complete line of above ground swimming pool pumps; the JWP Series is one of the best. Pentair is a recognized leader in the swimming pool industry and they have an excellent reputation. If you are looking to replace your old swimming pool pump or perhaps you are building a new swimming pool, the JWP Series is a great pump to have; it will provide a powerful operation by using less energy. The Pentair JWP Series Swimming Pool Pump can be found at your local swimming pool supply stores.

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