Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater Review

Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater ReviewPentair is one of the world leaders in pool and spa equipment. They have a long line of products ranging from Pool Cleaners, Filters, Lighting, Pumps and Heaters just to name a few. Pentair offers everything you need for commercial swimming pools or your typical backyard swimming pool. Heaters are becoming more common in residential backyard, one of the premier selling swimming pool heaters is the MasterTemp High Performance Heater. The MasterTemp is a condensed heater design that offers high performance without spending a lot on your energy bills.

The Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater works with a premixed system with a highly efficient air and gas combination. This premium blend allows the MasterTemp to heat up your swimming pool water faster. You won’t have to wait long until the swimming pool is ready to go. This swimming pool heater has no pilot light ignition just a hot surface ignition and a pushbutton for safer lighting. The unit has an easy to see rotating digital display that provides the controls to be at the front and center of the heater and not someplace hard to reach.

Some of the features offered by Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater is that the unit heats up quickly so there is no more waiting to swim or enjoy your spa. The unit has Best In Class Energy Efficiency, this means that the energy efficiency rating is so high that the heater is actually economical to use. The Pentair MasterTemp has a rotating digital display that provides easy viewing. The unit itself is protected with a tough rustproof exterior handles that can withstand heat and other of weather elements.

There are also safety features put in place to protect the MasterTemp, there is a water pressure switch that can sense when the pump is going to overheat, the high limit switch will guarantee that the heater will automatically shutoff if the water temperature exceeds the factory set limits. There is also a manual gas shut off when and if service is needed. There are 7 different liquid propane models to choose from, the BTU’s range from 175,000 to 400,000 ASME. There are also 8 different natural gas models with a BTU range from 175,000 to 400,000 ASME.

For you spa, there are 5 different models, ranging from 175,000 BTU’s to 400,000 HD. The MasterTemp Heater is from Pentair’s Eco Select Brand. These heaters qualify as green and environmentally friendly. Being green, this heater offers energy and water conservation and noise reduction. These are compact units, each measuring in at 21inches in length x 21 inches in width x 28 inches in height.

Pentair has a reputation for being the best of the best in swimming pool equipment. By choosing a MasterTemp or any of the other fine Pentair products you can guarantee a long lasting heating system that provides plenty of time to swim even after the swimming pool season has ended. You can find Pentair Products at your local swimming pool supply location.

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