Rheem Warrior Propane Series Water Heater

Rheem Manufacturing Company started back in the middle of the 1920’s. They started fabricating water heaters and by 1936 they were distributing them coast-to-coast. Rheem has an excellent reputation for all of their products, but water heaters are unmatched.

Rheem offers Solar, Electric and Gas Water Heaters. Every category offers a line of water heaters that provide hot water when you need it, energy efficiency and affordability. One of these products is the Rheem Warrior Propane Series Water Heater.

The Rheem Warrior Propane Series Water Heater, also available in natural gas offers an optional air inlet and leg enclosure that will provide for outside air to be supplied to the water heater itself without opening up the manufactured home to cold air. These units are designed with a Two Hole Top, which houses the anode rod and the hot water outlet. The anode rod offers protection from rust and corrosion, prolonging the life of your water heater.

Rheemglass porcelain enamel tank

The Warrior Series has the exclusive Rheemglass porcelain enamel tank lining; this protects the tank from corrosion and rust too. The Rheem Warrior Propane Series Water Heater has the patented Rheem Guardian System, this is a special one of a kind air and fuel shut off device that provides double the protection.

It is basically maintenance free and in case of problems, the unit has standard replacement parts available. The Guardian System also includes an exclusive Combustion Shut Off System, if the event a spill happens the system will close down the propane or gas and air supply, this will stop a sustained vapor burn from happening in the combustion chamber.

The Rheem Warrior Propane Series Water Heater comes with a Flame Arrestor Plate; this is specially designed device that prevents the ignition of any vapors outside of the combustion chamber. To help keep the unit free from debris, there is a high quality air filtration system that stops the flame arrestor from being bogged down with lint, dust or other contaminants.

Some of the standard features on the unit is a factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve with a side location. This propane water heater has the Rheem patented R Foam Insulation.

The water heater is lit with a Piezo Igniter, this is an easy to light system and there are no matched needed. The cold-water inlet is a side connection; this offers a quicker and a more economical installation. There are 3 different water heater sizes in the Warrior Propane Series; they have a 30, 40 or 50-gallon capacity tank. The number of BTU’s range from 30,000, 32,000 and 38,000.

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