Restart Your Beckett Burners

One of the most common situations for homes that use oil home heating system is that you run out of oil. It can be easily fixed but how can you re-start your oil burner if you do run out of oil.>Beckett Oil BurnerThere may be some problems that do arise from running out of oil and they can affect your Beckett Burners. If you do not happen to have a Beckett but a Carlin or Riello the process of re-starting your oil burner is just about the same. The very thing you need to do first is to get that oil delivery as fast as you can so you do not freeze. In the event that you cannot afford a huge oil delivery you can actually use a gallon of diesel fuel just to get the oil burner going again.

The next thing you will need is the right tool, this tool is an adjustable crescent wrench, you will need this tool to help bleed the air out of the lines, When you run out of oil, the oil pump and oil lines will become what is called air locked since the new oil that you put in with push the air back into the lines. Now, once you have the tool and the fuel that you need, you will look at the front of the oil burner, locate the oil pump on the burner. On the majority of oil burners like the Beckett, the oil pump bleed screw will be located on the left side of the burner.

If you have a Carlin Burners the bleed screw will be located at the front of the burner. Now that you have located the bleed screw, you want to loosen the screw loose just a little and then re-tighten, do not remove it at least not now. Once you have done that you can bleed the air out of the system. Take your wrench and place it on the bleeder screw and then press the oil burner safety reset. You will hear the motor on the burner turn on and then open the bleed screw. Now you will hear a rush of air then you will hear a rush of oil.

On the old style burners there would a 45 second lock out but on the newer models there is a 1 minute 30 second lock out, this is still in place due to safety reasons. Now that you have opened up the fuel lines for the first time, most of the air will come out of the burner and the unit may start it will really all depend on how much air was in the system also how far away the oil tank is. This will help determine how much air or exactly how many times you will have to bleed the air. Once all of the air is completely out of the system, the burner will ignite and the burner is now running.

If the above sounds to complicated for you, of if you have no experience working on Oil burners, you alternatively can hire an Oil burner technician to fix the burner for you, if there is one in your local area.