Bradford White Defender Water Heater Review

Bradford White is one of the most respected names in the water heater industry. They have a complete line of products that are energy efficiency and cost effective to operate. One of the premier water heaters Bradford White has to offer is the Defender Series Water Heater.Bradford White Defender Water Heater The Defender is a FVIR System, FVIR stands for Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant. This water heater system is considered to be the best one on the market today. The FVIR System is actually a safety system designed for the gas water heaters, the system will prevent the water heater from turning into an igniting source for vapors that may spill over.

The Defender Water Heater contains a sensor device that is able to sense if the flame on the boiler is too high, overheating or even if it is lacking in the proper amount of combustion air. In addition to having a boiler that is energy efficient and cost effective, a boiler with these safety features is a great investment. Since 2003, all gas fired water heaters with tank sizes 30, 40 and 50 gallons are required to have the FVIR protection.

The Bradford White Defender Water Heater System is considered to be an Atmospheric Vent Water Heater. These systems are available in 75 or 100 gallon tanks. The Defender Water Heater System comes equipped with a Sight Window; this will allow the operator a look see into the combustion chamber. You will be able to see the burner and the igniter system. It gives the homeowner a great view into seeing the water heater at work. The Sight Glass feature is perfect for troubleshooting and if there is a problem then you can take care of it before it becomes a larger problem.

The tank is protected by a Vitraglas Lining; this will help protect the Defender from any sediments or corrosion that may attack your water heater over time. The Vitraglas Lining will help prolong the life of your water heater. The tank is also insulated with a 1” Non CFC Foam Insulation. The foam is used to insulate the water heater on standby which will conserve energy while the water heater is not in use. The Bradford white Defender Water Heater comes with a factory installed 100% Complete Automatic Control System. The controls include an automatic temperature selection board. Now you can choose and adjust the water heater temperature with ease and accessibility.

The unit comes with a factory installed energy shut off switch, this will stop any high water temperatures from setting in. the Defender uses a built in gas pressure regulator and a factory installed Hydro Jet Total Performance System. The system was created to help decrease the amount of deposits that from the cold water inlet. This system will also help the increase of the delivery of water in the first hour.

If you are looking to replace that old water heater that has been costing you money on a monthly basis, now is the time to start looking for a new replacement. The Bradford White Defender Boiler is reliable, dependable and has everything that you could want and more in a water heater. Contact your local Bradford White Sales Representative with any questions you may have about the Defender or other Bradford White Water Heaters.