Carrier Performance Series Compact Heat Pump

Carrier Performance Series Heat PumpCarrier has two different Performance Heat Pumps, the standard Performance Series Heat Pump and the Carrier Performance Series Compact Heat Pump. The Compact Heat Pump or Model 38QRR is a small footprint heat pump with the original Performance Heat Pump being a larger unit. With this type of heat pump there is more flexibility to install the pump. Carrier has been the world leader in heating and cooling since 1902. They offer home heating solutions that provide Comfort and Durability. The Carrier Performance Series Compact Heat Pump has some distinct advantages such as the fact that you can extend the comfort in your home during the hot and sticky summers with the dehumidifier.

The Carrier Performance Series Compact Heat Pump has easy to remove filters that can be easily cleaned off and replaced within minutes. You can actually customize your own comfort with the heat pumps motorized louvers; these louvers can sweep the room to spread the heat to a general area or something more specific. Carrier offers the Economy of Comfort with this heat pump. This heat pump is a Duct Free High Wall System that will automatically respond to the changes in the room temperature.

You can leave the system off if you are planning to be away and then turn it back on with the automatic timer. The Model 38QRR has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 15.5 and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is 7.7. This unit comes equipped with the Carrier exclusive Silencer System II; this system was designed to ensure a quiet operation if the pump is indoors or outdoors. The system does meet and exceed the local and industry sound standards. The Silencer System II comes with quiet motor mounts, a compressor sound blanket, a laminated sound elimination compressor mounting plate, forward swept fan blades and a one of a kind top with an integrated silencer airflow baffle.

Also included with the Carrier Performance Series Compact Heat Pump is the Compressor Scroll, this is a specially designed compressor that runs in a circular motion rather than in an up and down fashion. The construction of the unit is galvanized steel with a powder coated baked on paint. The system runs on Puron Refrigerant which as been approved by the EPA, this environmentally friendly refrigerant have proven not to harm the Earth’s ozone layer.

The system itself is protected by WeatherArmor, which is provided by Carrier. This protected the outdoor installed heat pump from the extreme weather conditions and it also increases the heat pumps durability. The Carrier Performance Series Compact Heat Pump is one energy efficient and affordable way to heat your home. The warranty on the Performance Series Compact Heat Pump is a 10-year warranty only good for the original owner of the unit, the warranty cannot be transferred. It is important to read the warranty information to make sure that you keep your warranty in effect. There is an extended warranty available, make sure you ask your Carrier sales representative for more information.