UnFreeze Your Pipes With The EdenPure Heater

EdenPure HeaterDuring the winter season all sorts of plumbing pipes can freeze due to the below freezing temperatures outside. In most cases the pipes will freeze because they were not insulted well. There are things you can use to both protect your pipes from freezing and also tools to unfreeze your pipes.

If you have frozen pipes in the main part of your house or in a basement because you left the heat off for the night or you were away on vacation then you may be able to use your Edenpure Heater to unfreeze the pipes in your home. If you do not own an Edenpure Heater you could also use an electric space heater as well with the same BTU’S.

Now, Please do note that using a space heater will not always work to unfreeze your pipes, but in some cases when the pipes have just begun to freeze, raising the internal temperature of the room or space were the pipes are frozen may do the trick and have your water flowing in no time.

How To Unfreeze Your Pipes With The Edenpure Heater

The first thing you will want to do is to determine why your pipes have frozen. Once you have located the spot where the cold air draft is leaking into the building and blowing on the pipes you will want to close up that draft.

The second thing you will want to do is plug your Edenpure Heater in and warm the room up to an above freezing temperature. Once the room ( such as the bathroom or kitchen ) has reached the above freezing point you will want to keep checking the faucet or tub valve that is frozen to see if the water has started flowing again.

Sometimes if you have an additional small space heater you can point it into the bathroom vanity or space that the frozen pipes are in so you can get direct heat on the pipes.

Be sure to watch for leaks in pipes as you are unfreezing them. If you start to see any pipes leaking you will want to move the heater away from the pipes and call a plumber to make the repairs.

Frozen Pipes May Cracked Or Damaged

While you have the Edenpure heater set up in the area that is the coldest so it will increase the overall air temperature you will want to start to think about what you may need to repair the frozen pipe after it has thawed. Sometimes when the pipe freezes if there is enough water inside the pipe the pipe can crack or split which will result in a leak after the pipes have thawed, If the pipe is made from PVC or copper you may be able to just pick up a few “couplings” and a small piece of pipe the size of the damaged area and make the repair.

Packing Away The Edenpure Heater & Repairing The Pipes

Once you have unfrozen your pipes you will want to pack away the Edenpure heater and start making the repairs to the pipes if need be. Sometimes when the pipes freeze they will not crack and you will get lucky and not need to make any repairs.

Hiring A Plumber To Unfreeze Your Pipes

If you do not have an Edenpure Heater or any skills when it comes to repairing things, then you might just want to call the plumber. The plumber can unfreeze your pipes with a professional piping hot machine, a torch or in a number of other ways depending on what type of pipe is frozen and where it is located.