EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater Review 2011

EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater Review 2011There are many different size portable heaters from EdenPURE; one of the newest is the EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater. This heater was designed and created with innovative technological breakthroughs that allow this heater to be more effective and efficient. Having a portable heater to help keep your heating costs down may sound counter productive but it can really help. If you lower your home heating temperature a few degrees below what you normally would and use your EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater in a room that is often used then you can save money.

Not every room in your house is being used all the time. If you use the living room more than the bedroom, you can lower your home heating system and use the Signature Elite Heater and set it at a normal temperature for a few hours, you will see that you are conserving energy and saving money. If you run the EdenPURE all the time without lowering the home heating and keeping the EdenPURE at a high temperature then no, you are not going to save money, in fact it will cost you more.

EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater
The EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater is compact in size and measures in at 18 inches in height x 13 inches in width and 16 inches in diameter. This small but powerful heater has a built in humidifier for a more improved heat distribution. This portable heater can effectively heat up a room 1000 square feet. The water reservoir can hold 42 ounces of water, which is more than the standard portable heaters. There is a manual controlled timer that allows increased heating efficiency and can save you money; this controlled timer can also be used through the remote control system.

This heater has easy to roll casters so you can easily move the heater from room to room without having to pick up the unit. This heater has no exposed heating elements so it is fire safe as well as pet and child safe. The EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater has a lifetime filter system that is simple to remove and even easier to clean, you can use warm water or a vacuum hose. The filter can be cleaned and replaced in just minutes.

Unlike other portable or space heaters, the EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater offers wall to wall and floor to ceiling heating. There are no cold pockets when you use the Signature Elite Heater. The electrical heating requirements are 12.5 amps and 1483 watts. The electrical cord is 100 feet long, 14 gauge, and 110 volts with a 3-prong plug. EdenPURE offers a 60 day money back guarantee and a 3 year manufactures warranty if you anything happens to your heater.

EdenPURE is one of the safest portable heaters out there today. If used properly you can really save money on energy costs. Make sure that you read all of the operating instructions before starting the EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater. You can purchase the EdenPURE Signature Elite Heater and other EdenPURE Heaters on the EdenPURE website.