Adjusting The Gas Hot Water Heater Temperature

Today I’m going to show you how to adjust your gas water heater. Now a lot of people turn their water heater down during the summer time because they come in from working on the lawn, or they do something crazy like that and they’re like the shower is too hot, so the way they save some energy in the summertime is to lower their water heater.

Now that the winter season is here, and it’s cold out there, and you’re moving groceries around in the car, and then coming in you want a nice, hot shower to keep you warm. So what you want to do is you want to go over to your hot water heater and you will see there is a dial in front of it while on that dial you will see settings A,B,C.

Now, you may be on the C setting, which is the cold setting for the summertime, so what you want to do is turn the dial to the B position which will give you that 10 degree range of hot water. Don’t put it under the A position unless you have a temperature gauge and that might give you water that could scold you. So, always make sure you keep it in mid-range and not on the low position.