Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater Review

Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater ReviewHayward is best known for their swimming pool pumps, but did you know that have a great line of swimming pool heaters? Hayward offers Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters as well as In Ground Heaters. One of the best selling Hayward In Ground Swimming Pool Heaters is the HeatPro. The Hayward HeartPro is a high efficiency heater that offers the perfect pool water temperature by using less energy. The HeatPro uses about 80% less energy than other swimming pool heaters.

The way the Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater works is by taking the heat from the air surrounding the unit and then uses it to help warm the water in the swimming pool. This will operation will help eliminate wasted energy, which results in wasted money. The Hayward HeatPro has some great features for example, the heat exchanger is made of a strong titanium material that is made to last many years. Hayward offers their own, exclusive coating that that separates from the chemicals found in the swimming pool, this design would help eliminate rust and corrosion therefore prolonging the life of your swimming pool heater.

There are 5 different heat pumps available for the HeatPro Series, the range from 80,000 BTUs to 125,000 BTU’s. There is nothing fancy about the electrical requirements; you only use 208-230 volts with 60 HZ and single phase. Each model unit will depend on which size swimming pool or spa that you have. Some homeowners are fearful of swimming pool heaters and that they are not safe. The Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heaters has some quality safety features installed; the features put in place will protect the unit from excessive refrigerant pressure as well as protection from loss of refrigerant. The unit is well protected from fan motor failure, low ambient temperatures and evaporator coil freeze ups.

Hayward’s Ultra Gold Corrosion protects the Evaporated Coil; this will also help the heater from weakening due to corrosion. The system has a digital LED Control Panel that offers easy to read codes and easy to make adjustments if needed. The heater was designed with a rounded base that offers a more compact and more flexible installation. The Digital Electronic Control Displays are always easier to read than standard displays; with the HeatPro if there is a problem with the operation you can see it before it turns into a larger problem. If you wish to change the heaters temperature you can do it easily with a digital system, which also offers more accuracy.

There are also self-diagnostic codes in the event that something goes wrong. These display controls have a dual thermostat; this becomes beneficial if you have the Hayward HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater hooked up to your swimming pool and spa. It is important that you read all of the necessary installation recommendations before choosing a place to install your new heater. If you have any questions regarding your HeatPro In Ground Swimming Pool Heater, simply ask your Hayward sales representative, they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find this Hayward Heater and other great Hayward products at your local swimming pool supply location.