Hayward S200 Series Pool Filter

Hayward S200 Series Pool FilterHayward is known for having the highest quality products of most swimming pool companies out there today. They have everything you need for your swimming pool and more, they have pumps, heaters, lighting, water features, available replacement parts and swimming pool filters just to name a few. Hayward offers filters for both in ground and above ground swimming pools.

The Hayward S200 Filter Series is one of their best selling filters; the S200 is perfect for in ground swimming pools of all different shapes and sizes. In Ground Spas for both commercial and residential applications and it supports water features such as fishponds, fountains and water gardens. Hayward recommends that this swimming pool filter be used on swimming pools up to 21,000 gallons.

The Hayward S200 Filter Series offers high performance and high quality to help keep your residential swimming pool cleaner than ever before. With a S200 you will not have to worry about vacuuming the pool as often as you would with another brand swimming pool filter. The S2000 is a sand filter; you will need Number 2 Silica Sand that you can find in any local swimming pool supply store. The S200 construction is a corrosion proof, heavy-duty filter tank molded injection ABS material. This durable material will help ensure that your S200 has a long life.

The Hayward S200 Filter Series has a 2.2 square foot effective filtration area. The design flow rate is 44 gallons per minute and a 167 LPM. The pressure loss at the design flow rate is 3.7 PSI and 0.26 Bar. The maximum working pressure is 50 PSI. The S200 comes equipped with a larger pressure sand and water drain, this will allow for faster drainage during the season and for winterization as well. There is a top diffuser that almost guarantees an even spread of sand from the sand media bed. This is done by a precision based engineered umbrella fold self cleaning laterals system. With the S200 you can spend more time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it.

All of the inside piping is 2 inch, this allows for proper and smoother flow of water through the system. The unit comes with a 7 Position Vari Flo Control Valve. The settings include Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Re-Circulate, Closed and Vacuum. The Hayward S200 Filter Series comes with an instruction manual that will explain when and why you should use these filter options. The S200 is designed with a bolted center flange that allows for extra strength. The flange will be tightly secured to the tank top and bottom together; this will allow access to the internal parts.

There is also an integral sight glass installed, this will let you see when backwash cycle is completed. Now you can run your filter more efficiently with these features. Hayward S200 Filter Series is just one of many great filters for in ground swimming pools from Hayward. You can find this Hayward filter and most Hayward products at your local swimming pool supply store.