Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater

Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool HeaterHayward has an extensive line of swimming pool heaters in their inventory. They have been providing pool owners with high quality, high performance equipment for over 80 years. One of these premier heaters is the Universal H-Series Low NOx Heater. The Universal H-Series has an 84 percent thermal efficiency; this is one of the most efficient swimming pool heaters in the industry. With this swimming pool heater from Hayward, you can make swimming in your swimming pool easier and less stressful.

Hayward Heaters are a step above the rest in the aspect that they have their own exclusive features only found in the Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater. These features include a Standard Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger, this heat exchanger comes with a managed flow system that provides excellent corrosion resistance and erosion protection. This heater is perfect if you have a salt-based electronic chlorination system.

The Universal l H- Series Heater comes with a superior Hydraulic Performance, this system is an industry leader when it comes down to performance, it will save you energy by decreasing the circulation pump in run time. The unit comes with a state of the art Finn Plate; the heat exchanger comes with a special V groove design that allows for faster heating and a longer life span. The Universal H-Series is a Hot Surface Silicon nitride Ignition System; this means that the system is dependable for lighting and for quality operation every time.

The Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater has its choice of either left side or right side connections. You also have your choice of electric, gas and water connections; this provides extra flexibility when installing the heater. The heater is a modern style that is compact in size; it has a low profile design and front panel access, which is required and most helpful with installation and maintenance. There are 6 available models in natural gas and 6 available models in propane. The BTU range is 150,000 to 399,900.

The Universal H-Series was designed to be efficient and cost effective, Hayward is offering the H-Series Millivolt Heater, and this unit will bring high performance and cost savings. The unit has a standing pilot system that also ensures lighting every time. The Millivolt heaters also have a Finn Plate Heat Exchanger and FireTile Combustion Chamber. You can choose either the natural gas model or the propane model; available models come in BTU range of 150,000 to 250,000.

On each Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater you will find LED Control Panel that helps monitor the heaters’ performance. If there is a hint of any problems you will see it before it turns into a larger more expensive problem. On the Hayward website, you will find sizing guides available to help you choose the best heater for your swimming pool or spa. If you have any questions, regarding the Universal H-Series Low NOx Swimming Pool Heater or any other Hayward Heater, ask your local sales representative. You can find the Universal H-Series Heaters at your local swimming pool supply store.