How To UnClog A Main Sewer Line

Every now and then a homeowner may run into a problem they do not want to handle. That problem is a clog in the main sewer line.RIDGID K-40 Sewer Machine You could spend hundreds of dollars by hiring someone to unclog them main sewer line or you can read on and see if you can unclog the main sewer line yourself. One of the very first things that you have to do is to find the best access point to the clogged sewer line. This can vary depending on different types of construction but the most common location is an outside cleanout. It could also be located in the basement or in a cleanout via the floor through a pulled toilet or even from an open septic tank located at the back of your home.

The next thing that you have to do is locate the location of the clog itself. You will need clear access and a snake device to reach the clog. If you do not own a snake you can find them at your local hardware store or home improvement stores. There are many different sizes and styles of snake drain cleaning machines out there. You will need one that has enough cable length to reach the clog. If the cable is too short it will not work and if the cable is too long it may kink or get twisted. You may want to choose from a sectional or drum machine.

If you do not wish to purchase a machine at this time, there are places where you can rent these machines. The difference between a sectional and a drum machine is a sectional machine has a powered head that is set up near the cleanout and the sections of the cable are fed through the machine until the clog is cleared. If your access point is through a vent then the sectional machine is best. The Drum machine has a drum that is secured to a hand truck. These machines tend to have about 75 to 150 feet of cable. The drum will start spinning and turning the cable until the clog is removed.

How To UnClog A Main Sewer Line
Both machines will have a cutter blade that is installed on the end of the cable. The cutter should be big enough to scrape the outside wall of the drain pipe. This will help remove all of the debris and deposits on the pipe itself. The turning cable is almost like a big spring, you have to be in control of the machine or it can cause injury. Read the instruction manuals very carefully before starting it up. You may want to invest in what are called Ugly Gloves. These are worn by the operator and protects your hands while feeding the cable into the pipe.

You as a homeowner can really do this yourself, if you do not want to invest in a machine call your local hardware or Home Depot locations and ask about renting a machine. These days’ homeowners really want to save money; this type of problem can be easily done by you. Simply, locate the cleanout, rent or use your sectional or drum machines and read the instructions carefully. Go slow and remember safety first.