Jandy ePump Swimming Pool Pump

Jandy ePump Swimming Pool PumpJandy is one of the most trusted names in the industry, the Jandy Industries started back in the early 1950’s; the man who invented the first automatic swimming pool cleaner, Andrew Pansini founded the Jandy Industries. Since the start of the company, the inventory consists of Water Pik, Laars and Jandy products. The company has merged with others and has created a company that not only has energy efficient products but quality swimming pools products too.

Jandy has quite the inventory when it comes to swimming pool equipment. Jandy is recognized as one of the leaders in the world when it comes to their high quality, energy efficient products. One of these products is the Jandy ePump, this is a variable speed pump that delivers high performance every time to you operate it. With the Jandy ePump, you can guarantee to save on money, energy and even maintenance time. This pump uses the power of the Jandy Stealth Pool Pump with a very high efficiency motor. The Jandy ePump offers some key features that ensure a swimming pool season free of stress and frustration.

Some of these features include the 3 Control Option Choice, there are three different options, the Aqualink RS OneTouch, AqualinkRS PDA and the ePump Controller. As we mentioned the ePump comes with an ultra high efficiency motor, this motor is a totally enclosed fan cooled or TEFC motor with a permanent magnet brushless DC motor. This motor offers a quiet operation so you will not disturb your neighbors. The ePump does contain the Stealth Pump Technology; this includes a very powerful and efficient pump operation, a smooth yet quiet running pump.

The Jandy Swimming Pool ePump has one of the largest trap baskets on the market today, this helps catch what your filter system is picking up and it reduces the amount of time that you will spend cleaning out the baskets. There are also many great user-friendly features like the ergonomic handles, which make pump transportation easy, and it has easy to read indicators. The ePump was created and constructed to exceed the strictest energy efficiency codes.

There are two different models in the ePump Models, the JEP-1.5, this pump has a horsepower rating of 0.25-2.2, 230 volts, with 2100 wattage. The Model JEP-2.0 has a horsepower rating of 0.25-2.7, 230 volts and 2300 wattage. The pipe size on the JEP-1.5 is 2 inches to 2-1/2 inches and on the JEP-2.0 the pipe size is 2-1/2 inches to 3 inches. The Jandy ePump offers an optional Off Board Remote Control; this off board remote control has two built in timers and 8 pre-set speeds. It has a LCD/LED display, two time out settings, pump priming and freeze protection.

By choosing the ePump from Jandy, you are getting a swimming pool pump with quality components, energy efficiency and high performance. You can eliminate the headaches that usually accompany swimming pool owners during the season, the Jandy ePump works to keep your swimming pool clean and helps keep down the cost of operation. If you have any questions regarding your Jandy ePump or any of the other Jandy swimming pool products, ask your local sales representative.