Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater Review

Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater ReviewJandy Swimming Pool Heaters are perfect for residential swimming pools; they offer quality and high performance that is not often found in swimming pool heaters. One of the heaters in the Jandy inventory is not just high quality and performance but cost effective and energy efficient as well. This heater is the Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater. This swimming pool heater can offer remarkably low operating costs as well as the most advanced and fuel-efficient swimming pool heater on the market today.

The Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater has an efficiency rating of 95%; this is the most energy efficient swimming pool heater available. One reason for its efficiency is the one of a kind forced air system that makes this heater perfect for backyards in extreme weather locations. There is a dual thermostat controls, which is perfect for both pool and spa combos. The Jandy Hi-E2 is easy to use and though it is powerful it can save you money when used properly.

The Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heaters meets and exceeds all environmental standards and it is extremely compact making for a more flexible installation. The heater is also weather independent, this means that the heater can be used to maintain the perfect water temperature 365 days a year. The Jandy Hi-E2 can be installed either indoors or outdoors, if you are replacing an old unit or maybe installing a heater for the very first time. The Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heaters can be used for either commercial or residential applications.

Three key factors make up the success of the Jandy Hi-E2 Heater, the heater has Efficient Technology, Durable and Dependable Service and the Trouble Free Operation. The unit comes with a self-cleaning ignition that uses automatic venting and a high velocity heat exchanger that work to provide a reliable and safe swimming pool heater for your swimming pool investment. The Hi-E2 comes with a hot surface ignition system; this system provides safety that the pilot light ignition system doesn’t. The Jandy Hi-E2 is a gas heater so this safety feature comes in handy.

The American Red Cross recommends that pool owners keep their heaters set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. By just increasing the heater a mere 4 degrees, you are using about 40% more gas, this may cost you money later depending on how much you are paying for gas. 78 degrees is the perfect temperature and if you really want to start saving money, add a thermal barrier or solar cover onto your swimming pool at night.

At night is when you lose a lot of heat due to evaporation, by turning off your heater at night and adding the thermal barrier you can keep the heat in and in it decrease the amount of time you will need to run the heater. With the Jandy Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater, you can heat your swimming pool efficiently, not only will the heater offer you an extended swimming season but the heater will pay for itself in just about 2 years.