Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater Review

Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater ReviewJandy is popular for their complete line of the filters, pumps, heat pumps, valves, cleaners and heaters for residential swimming pools. Jandy Heaters have become more popular over the years; they offer the LXi, LX, Lite2 and the Hi-E2. New to the Jandy swimming pool heater line is the Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater. Zodiac Pool Systems Inc is now offering their new atmospheric Legacy Line of pool and spa heaters. The Legacy was built with the same traditions of other Jandy Heaters but with new innovation and new technology. The Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heaters are only available for sale right now in the United States.

With 60 years plus experience in swimming pool heaters, the new Legacy was created with two models, the LRZE Electronic and the LRZM Millivolt Ignition Systems. The LRZE Electronic Ignition offers a technologically advanced dual thermostat controls while the LRZM features just a single control with an easy to use on and off switch. The choice is yours, but no matter what choice you make you are guaranteed to have many years of service from your new Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater.

The new Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater offers a ceramic fire combustion chamber; this makes the design more compact and lighter in weight. The unit has a Copper Heat Exchanger along with Flo Thru Baffles. This system will provide energy efficient heat transfers, which will decrease the amount of energy, that you need to effectively heat your swimming pool. These heaters have hot surface ignition systems that will provide easy operation on the LRZE Electronic Unit season after season.

There are 5 different models in both the LRZE and the LRZM Models, the BTU’s range from 125,000 to 399,000. The LRZE Models are all equipped with digital control of the pool and the spa set points. These models have all self diagnostic and communication systems that link to the Jandy AquaLink RS System. The Polymer headers use CPVC 2/2.5” universal union connections. The LRZM Models are equipped with an easy on and off temperature switch control system, a mechanical thermostat that will allow the users to easily set the pool or spa temperatures without hassle. The LRZM has Polymer headers with CPVC2/2.5 “ universal union connections.

If you are looking to replace that old money wasting swimming pool heater, the Jandy Legacy Swimming Pool Heater is the right choice. Jandy has a Pool Sizing Guide that will help you determine which model is right for you. The legacy Heaters will heat the pool based on the temperature difference between the air temperature during the colder month the pool is being used and the desired pool temperature.

Jandy also provides a Spa Sizing Guide as well; this will help you determine which unit would be perfect for heating up your spa as well. Jandy has been in business for over 50 years, they have the innovation and the design to bring to your backyard not just a swimming pool heater but also a heater that is energy efficient as well as cost effective. Call your local Jandy sales representative with any questions that you may have about the Legacy or any of the other fine Jandy Swimming Pool Heaters.