Jandy LX Heater Series Pool Heater

Jandy LX Heater Series Pool HeaterSwimming pool heaters used to be big bulky heaters that took up too much room and cost too much money to operate. With new technology, swimming pool heaters are more compact and more energy efficient. Jandy is a recognized leader in the swimming pool heater industry. They have an extensive line of products that can be matched with any size swimming pool. Jandy Heaters are compact in size and they are designed to heat your pool effectively and efficiently every single year.

One of the premier swimming pool heaters that Jandy has to offer is the Jandy LX Heater Series. This heater is different from the others in the fact that the Jandy LX has their own digital control panel; this LED panel is easy to use and easy to understand. The LX Series swimming pool heater provides an automatic spa to pool switch along with an EZ wireless remote control kit.

Some of the other features the LX has to offer is the User Friendly Graphical User Interface or GUI. This device allows you to make more accurate adjustments and perform more thorough diagnostics with just a simple touch of a button. The heater unit itself is made from a corrosion proof polymer material that can produce greater flow capacity as well as provide a longer life cycle. The unit is designed with a fan assisted, controlled combustion system, this will also allow for more efficient in any weather condition.

In addition to having a new Jandy LX Heater Series, there are some additional things that you can do to help keep your operating costs lower. For example, Jandy recommends that you keep your LX heater set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. As a tip for saving energy, they also recommend that you increase the heater temperature by 4 degrees you will be using more than 40%, so if you want to keep the cost low, keep your heater at 78 degrees.

Another great way to save money would be to start the heater at certain points of the day, for example, if you want to go swimming early before the sun is at its high point, set the heater on 78 degrees, once the sun become warmer turn off the heater so save energy. If you choose to go swimming at night, start the heater up as the sun goes down. Then add a thermal solar cover to the pool when the sun goes down after everyone is done swimming. This will help keep in the heat from the pool. It is not a good idea to leave your heater running 24 hours a day.

When looking for a location to install the heater, choose a place where the heater can be placed on solid, flat ground. There must be enough combustion and air ventilation to get the most from the heater. If you are looking to install a new heater or replace the old one, a Jandy LX Series is a great place to start. You can find the Jandy LX Heater Series at your local swimming pool supply location.