Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool HeaterPentair is the leader in swimming pool supplies, they have everything from above ground cleaning systems, pumps, filters, lighting, heat pumps and heaters just to name a few. Everything you need and more for your swimming pool, Pentair has it. They have an impressive inventory of in ground swimming pool heaters; one of their premier products is the Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater. The Max-E-Therm Heater can be used for indoor or outdoor installations on both in ground swimming pools and spas. This Eco Select Brand product is considered to be a green and environmentally friendly pool heater.

Some of the key features offered on the Max-E-Therm are that it is a high efficiency pool heater that is very affordable to run. It was designed with a special fueling and ignition process that allows the water to warm up faster than other pool heaters. There is an easy to read and easy to program control panel, where you can monitor or make adjustments as you need to. The Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater was designed and engineered for fast heat ups and cost effective operation. These swimming pool heaters come with a built in self-diagnostic system.

On the control panel, there are indicator lights that will pinpoint the heater or the system’s conditions. This feature can be a great help, in the event that there is a problem, you will be able to see it before it becomes a bigger problem, therefore saving you money. The unit itself is made with a tough exterior coating and the inside is made of Dura Glas, this is an exclusive formula made by Sta-Rite. It is a thermoplastic resin that can handle the heat from the unit and from the weather and its elements.

There are 5 different models available in natural gas and 4 available models in propane. The BTU’s range from 200,000 to 400,000. Pentair Max-E-Therm In Ground Swimming Pool Heater is lightweight and compact; they are actually the lightest pool heaters in it class. The compact design was created for retrofit installation. There is an easy to use switch that can change gas sources with the installation of a separate space.

The units are constructed with rustproof housing which is a sleek matte black style that is made of Dura Glas. The in ground swimming pool heater has a low operating costs and has an energy efficiency rating of 84%. The heat exchanger is made from cupra nickel and can withstand the harshest of applications such as heavy use, corrosion and low pH. The Max-E-Therm has a 6-position control panel, a PMG Burner technology, so that there is no need for an outdoor draft hood.

Pentair is one of the leaders in the industry, along with Jandy and Hayward. Their line of heaters are some of the most efficient and cost effective on the market today. Contact your local Pentair sales representative with any questions that you may have on the Max-E-Therm or any of the other Pentair products. You can find Pentair at your local swimming pool supply store.