Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool HeaterPentair has some impressive products for residential swimming pool owners. Pentair offers high quality, high performance pool cleaners, pumps, filters and heaters. More homeowners are looking to find a quality swimming pool heater for their above ground swimming pools. Pentair offers the MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater. This is a lightweight, compact energy efficient gas fired pool or spa heater.

Sometimes pool owners purchase large heaters because they think the larger the heater the better the water temperature. All a big swimming pool heater will do is cost you money. The MiniMax has a 100,000 BTU’s that is capable of heating any above ground swimming pool and spa.

Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater Review
This swimming pool water heater offers a high thermal efficiency that helps keep operating costs low and at the same time, the unit directs more heat into the pool. The unit has a Pentair patented thermostatic bypass valve will decrease the condensation related sediments that can build up and corrode your heater, therefore shortening your heaters’ lifespan.

The Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater offers a ceramic tile insulation that will help prevent any wasteful heat loss; this in turn is that it will decrease the cost to heat the swimming pool. There is a built in vent located on top that helps with a more efficient combustion system. There are also factory installed flow valves that can sense the water flow and guarantee any water that passes by the heating element at the correct rate for higher efficient operation.

The Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater offers a user-friendly control system; you can set the temperatures to your settings not the factory setting. You can decide how warm you want the water to be, even making necessary adjustments is as easy as 1-2-3. As we mentioned this is a compact design pool heater, it offers more flexibility when deciding on a place for installation. You should make sure that you read all of the necessary installation clearances and requirements. These heaters can be connected to a 40 CPVC or ABS pipe.

The MiniMax 100 is service friendly; it includes a bronze header system, which provides a longer life and stronger union connection fittings for easy winterization. The unit is a direct spark ignition with a standing pilot and a Presslite millvolt internal ignition system. There are 4 different categories of the MiniMax 100 Swimming Pool Heater, the MiniMax100 Natural Gas, MiniMax 100 Propane Gas, MiniMax 100 Natural Gas with Cord and MiniMax 100 Propane Gas with Cord.

All units are 100,000 BTU’s, the thermostat installed in the Natural Gas and Propane units are either Electronic or Millivolt. On the MiniMax 100 Natural Gas and Propane with Cord are Electronic thermostats. The Pentair MiniMax 100 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters are available where you purchase your local swimming pool supplies. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Pentair sales representative in your area.