Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool HeaterThere used to be a time when swimming pool season was the end of June to the end of August. With more swimming pool owners installing pool heaters, the swimming pool season starts as early as April and ends as late as October. This is possible due to the technology in pool heaters. By installing a pool heater you can have the perfect water temperature when you want it at a price that you can afford. One of the leaders in the swimming pool heater industry is Pentair. They have everything you need and more for your swimming pool.

The Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater is just one of the impressive pool heaters that Pentair has to offer. The MiniMax 75 is a compact style heater that works best on smaller above ground swimming pools and spas with a 900-gallon capacity. The MiniMax 75 is a gas fired pool heater that is actually considered to be an environmentally friendly heater since it emits low NOx emissions. This heater complies with any local and state environmental regulations. The unit is rated for 75,000 BTU’s and is considered to be very economical to run, therefore saving you money.

Some of the features of the MiniMax 75 from Pentair are the patented thermostatic bypass valve which will decrease the condensation related calcium scaling that can corrode a pool heater over time, the valve will also help keep in heat as the heat transfers throughout the system. The MiniMax 75has a greater than 79% thermal efficiency which will keep operating temperatures low while keeping your pool at a nice warm temperature. The heater is quiet and dependable.

It was even designed with a service friendly design that includes a bronze header system, which provides long life. It comes with a union connection fitting that provides fast drainage for maintenance and for winterization. The Pentair MiniMax 75 comes with an operator friendly control system and a low maintenance design. Some of the other features offered on the Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater are the flow valve sensors, for water flow this allows water to flow through the system at peak rate. The unit has a ceramic tile insulation that will prevent any unwanted heat loss and this will greatly increase the efficiency of the heater as well as decease the operating costs.

The Pentair MiniMax 75 offer a Millivolt standing pilot version in natural gas, and a quick flange which allows 1-1/2 FIP connections. The controls as we mentioned are operator friendly and they have been designed for extremely easy access. This pool heater can be installed up to 3,500 Ft altitude. Pentair offers a One Year Warranty. If you are looking to install a new heater for the first time or replace that old unit with a new more cost effective and energy efficient pool heater, then the MiniMax 75 is a perfect fit.

You can find Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater and other Pentair products at your local swimming pool supply store. By installing a Pentair MiniMax 75 Swimming Pool Heater, you will see the heater pay for itself in just two pool seasons.