Plumbing Pipe Insulation & Repair Buyers Guide

The most common problem in the wintertime is frozen pipes. Most of us do not think that could ever happen so we go about the yearly winterizing of our homes and before we know it our pipes have frozen. Plumbing Pipe InsulationIf that has not already happened then there are some preventative measures you can take to prevent that from happening. First make sure that your pipes do not have any existing leaks, these remedies are not designed to repair or even band-aid a leaking pipe.

The three remedies we are offering are the Easy Heat Cold Weather Valve and Pipe Heating Cable, Armacell LlC Foam Pipe Insulation and the Armaflex Pipe and Vale Insulation Tape. Before the weather gets too cold, take a look at what these three items have to offer. If you are not proactive in taking care of the pipes before they freeze then when they do, you are going to stress out and end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily.

Easy Heat Cold Weather Valve and Pipe Heating Cable

The Easy Heat Cold Weather Valve and Pipe Heating Cable. Model AHB-016 is a power cord device that comes with 6 feet of cable. The cable itself is temperature controlled that runs by lining up straight along the piping and the valves. The cable is held in its place by the application tape. The cable is then plugged into a grounded outlet. The Easy Heat Cold Weather Valve and Pipe Heating Cable will keep your water flowing all the way down to minus 380. This device can be used on odd length pipe sizes over 3/4″ inches in diameter.

The manufacturer does recommend that two separate cables be used opposite sides of the pipe with up to 3 feet of any overrun at the center of the pipe. In order to use on metal pipes, there must be ½ inches of fiberglass insulation around the cable. If you have plastic pipes it is suggested that you use cover the pipe with aluminum foil before you install the heating cable. The heating cable uses 42 watts and 120 volts AC. The cost is about $ 16.40 and higher depending on where you purchase from.

Armacell LlC Foam Pipe Insulation

Another product that can be used to help prevent the freezing of your pipes is called Armacell LlC Foam Pipe Insulation. The part number is OEPO5838. There are 65 pieces in one package. The available sizes to choose from are ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1inch and higher. The way this foam pipe insulation works is by slipping the foam pipe insulation around the piping. If you choose the correct size the foam insulation should fit snuggly on the pipe.

The Armacell LlC Foam Pipe Insulation is made from a self-sealing rubber foam pipe insulation that offers the most protection and has the highest R values. The foam insulation is very flexible and easy to install, it will keep your hot water hot and your cold water cold. The foam pipe insulation resists all mold by preventing any condensation and sweating of pipes. The cost of the Armacell LlC Foam Pipe Insulation is about $ 4.00 depending on where you buy from.

Armaflex Pipe and Valve Insulation Tape

If you are looking for some good old fashioned insulation tape to prevent the pipes from freezing then you have found the Armaflex Pipe and Valve Insulation Tape. This tape comes in 1/8 inch x 2 inches x 30 feet. It is made with Microban Technology which includes Microban Antimicrobial product protection. By installing this tape you are providing a fast easy way to prevent the pipes from freezing. By using this tape you can keep your water hot or cold and it will help keep condensate drip on domestic cold water, chilled water and other cold piping and fittings.

Armaflex Pipe and Valve Insulation Tape will reduce heat loss as well. The tape is self-adhesive and comes in a strip form; there are no bands or wires to install. The tape was made from expanded closed cell structure that makes the tape efficient and effective. The Armaflex Pipe and Valve Insulation Tape is priced at around $8.99.

As the weather gets colder out, the more chances your pipes have to freeze. If left untreated your pipes may burst and then you not only have a big problem but it will cost you hundreds dollars to repair. We have listed three effective and efficient ways to prevent any pipes in your home from freezing. The Easy Heat Cold Weather Valve and Pipe Heating Cable, Armacell Llc Foam Pipe Insulation and Armaflex Pipe and Valve Insulation Tape are all easy to install, there are no tools or professionals needed.

You can find these great products online or in your local hardware location. These remedies are safe and affordable, if you haven’t already done preventative maintenance on your pipes, now may be a good time to do so. Wouldn’t it be better to spend a few dollars than hundreds if you do not take care of the problem?