NuConcepts Prestige Portable Restroom Review

NuConcepts Prestige Portable Restroom ReviewNuConcepts is a manufacturer of state of the art portable restrooms. Their Prestige Portable Restrooms have become a very popular model.

At NuConcepts, they offer an affordable way for the public and private sector to provide class products to serve the need of portable sanitation for commercial construction sites as well as the homeowner for weddings, graduation parties and more. NuConcepts also provides portable restrooms for movie and TV companies. The company does provide for the 50 states and they are currently expanding into the international market.

Why choose the NuConcepts Prestige Portable Restroom? These portable restrooms offer an increased interior space; the old versions of portable restrooms were small and uncomfortable. The Prestige offers a radius entry door and an in use light. As for the sanitary reasons why you should choose the NuConcepts Prestige Portable Restrooms is the Powered Roof Vent that offers the right amount of ventilation which is so important in a portable restroom that has no windows.

NuConcepts Prestige Portable Restroom
The Prestige also offers an Improved Sink Location, Built in Trash Receptacle, Fresh Water Flush and a Self-Closing Faucet. The Prestige also has a Switchmat Activation, a 10 inch x 13 inch oval sink with enough room for a good hand washing. The Prestige offers a full length mirror as well, giving you all the comforts of home.

These units are also Solar Powered making them environmentally friendly. There are also 110 Volt winterized units available too. They all come with weather proof carpet and a decorative picture so it will seem less like a portable restroom and more like a guest bathroom. These units’ measurements include 95 inches in exterior height and an 83 inch interior height. The width is 54 inches and the depth is 46.5 inches. The weight of the unit is 800 pounds. The waste water tank can hold 65 gallons and the fresh water tank holds 40 gallons.

The doorway opening is a comfortable 72 inches x 24 inches. You can use The Prestige about 125 times on an average. There are also some options that you can choose from, such as the Power Converter, Air Conditioner, Interior Heating and Sink Water Heater. These portable restrooms are perfect for Wedding and Parties, Sporting Events, Food Festivals, Community Events, Restroom Remolding, Permanent facilities and Movie and TV production Sites.

In the event that you need more than one there are Dual and Trio Prestige Restroom Trailers available. The advantages of using the Prestige Portable Restrooms are they are designed to be used as a fully functional yet self-contained restroom. There is no need for electrical connections or water hook ups.
These restrooms are made from a high density polyethylene plastic that is designed to eliminate water damage as well as extend the life of the unit. NuConcepts is located in Ontario, California and you can reach them through phone, fax or email. In addition to the Prestige, NuConcepts offers VIP Restrooms, Incinerator Restrooms, Deli Sinks and Scullery Sinks.