Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump Review

Trane is one of the world leaders when it comes to cool air, warm air and clean air. Their innovative products are designed to help residential as well as commercial customers get the comfort of the air they need and deserve. Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat PumpTrane Heat Pumps are some of the best selling home and business products all over the world. Trane has an inventory of Heat Products that include 4 different categories, the Ultra Efficiency, Super Efficiency, High Efficiency and the Standard Efficiency. Each heat pump in these categories offer year round comfort to homes, they offer energy saving and affordability.

One of these products is the XL20i Heat Pump; the Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump offers 12 months of complete and total comfort. The XL20i is right there among the industry’s most energy efficiency heat pump. The SEER rating is 19.00 and the HSPF is up to 9.0. This model unit has two compressors, one is used for days or months with milder weather and the second compressor is used when there is more extreme weather out there. It is like getting two heat pumps for the price of one.

The Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump is Energy Star rated, this means that these heat pumps have passed all of the necessary standards set forth by the Department of Energy. Some of the specifications of the XL20i are the R410A refrigerant that is considered to be environmentally friendly; this rating was determined by the Environmental Protection Agency. The unit comes with a Comfort Link II System; this system lets the main parts of the system communicate with each other for a better overall performance. There is a Charge Assist feature that provides the unit with an automatic and accurate charging; this will help enhance the reliability as well as the efficiency of the system.

The Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump offers Compressor Sound Insulator; this decreases the operating sound of the unit, which will provide the peacefulness you need in your home. The XL20i comes with an Integrated Fan System; this allows a one of a kind design that works to increase the airflow, which in turn will increase the heat pumps performance.

The Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump comes with a Dual Climatuff Compressor System; this system offers a more efficient and a more cost effective way to heat your home. The compressor system gives the unit more durability and enhanced comfort. The Trane XL20i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump is protected with full louvered panels that are made with galvanized steel. These panels are designed for added safety and heat pump protection. These louvered panels also help keep the heat pump looking modern and contemporary.

Trane is offering a 12 Year limited Warranty on the Compressor, a 10 Year Limited Warranty on the outdoor coil and a 10 Year Limited Warranty on the internal functional parts. You must register your product within 60 days of purchase for your warranty to remain in effect. Talk to your dealer for complete warranty information.