How To Shut The Water Main Shut Off Valve

Okay, so let’s say you’re installing a faucet, pipes, or anything like that, always know how to shut off your water mainline. Okay, this is called your water meter and it’s located in your basement or somewhere in your house. If you have a basement, or you live in the southern states like North Carolina or Louisianna, it’s probably tucked into a wall and even on the side of an access panel.

You might know where that is, or even in a special closet, but once you shut down your water meter, you will see a valve right here, and this valve is the water coming in or the water coming in from the street.

What you want to do is turn this valve clockwise, take that, and what that will do is hold the water that is coming in from the street and this is the water meter and what it will do is shut all the water off from the house and what you want to do is slowly turn this all the way down to the clockwise position and that will shut the water main in your house. So if there are any questions, subscribe to the video channel or go to