Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Review

Triangle Tube has been providing boilers and water heaters since 1946. The company was one of the first boiler manufacturers to use stainless steel in their fabrication.Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Review Their boiler section is impressive with many different models and sizes to choose from. The Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler is a premier seller in the Triangle Boilers inventory. This compact boiler is a Modulating Condensing Boiler that is wall mounted making for more flexibility for installation. The Prestige Boilers are high quality and energy efficient. The energy efficiency rating on these boilers is 95%. These boilers offer very low NOx emissions thereby making this boiler environmentally friendly.

You can expect some great features and specifications when you purchase your own Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler. The Solo Series are available in 5 different models. Each one was created for every heating application imaginable. The BTU range on these boilers start at 60,000 to 399,000 BTU’s per hour. These modulating condensing boilers are designed for heating applications only. They are also designed to adjust to making a separate domestic hot water zone; you would only need to add an Indirect Water Heater to the system.

Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler Review
The Prestige Excellence Series has one model available, the 110; this boiler has a factory installed indirect water heater tank for the domestic hot water. This boiler is also rated with a 95% AFUE. One of the most efficient components of the Prestige Series Boilers is the Modulating Burner. This factory installed boiler can modulate from 25% to 100% of the rated output from the boiler. This component allows the boiler to provide your home with the proper heating needs without a short cycle which will decrease the efficiency of the system.

The Modulating Burner is designed to combine the fuel and the air through a variable speed blower before traveling to the burner. This makes for a cleaner burn and a more energy efficient boiler system. The flue gases in the Prestige Series Boilers are used to preheat the water that is returning to the boiler. The gases will releases latent heat of the steam into the hot flue gases and the system will condense the water.

The Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boilers also come with a digital display module, operating control system, ignition controls, modulating temperature control and a high temperature limit protection. Also included are the two pump control system, outdoor reset and a domestic hot water priority. The heat exchanger is made from a 439 stainless steel which will help fight against corrosion, prolonging the life of your boiler.

Since the efficiency of these boilers is 95%, they qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. You can receive the tax credit by attaching IRS Form 5695 along with your original receipt and the Manufacturers Certification Statement. You will also have to install the system no later than December 31, 2010 to qualify for the credit. The Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boiler also qualifies for a grant from the Weatherization Assistance Program, where you can receive up to $ 6500 in grants. Now is the time to start saving money on your home heating needs, the Triangle Tube Prestige Series Boilers can provide you with the heat that you need at a price you can afford

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